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allocate, distribute, or apportion anew


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They also hired a financial planner to assist them with reallocating their retirement plans.
The decision still takes back some ITFS (and commercial) spectrum to find a home for two ITFS-like commercial channels (MDS 1 and 2), but it seeks to minimize the loss by reallocating some mobile satellite services spectrum for ITFS.
McCown acknowledges the tight fiscal constraints that many school districts endure, but said districts could consider reallocating funds to put the group's recommendations in place.
Health and Long Term care Minister George Smitherman told reporters that Ontario will be reallocating its current $29-billion expenditure on health care, and that health care providers should not count on any large increases for this year.
Reducing the number of publisher-only meetings and reallocating those resources to bi-monthly audio-conferences on such topics as telemarketing, ezines, and marketing basics.
z/OS features Intelligent Resource Director (IRD), an exclusive IBM technology that makes the z900 the only server capable of automatically reallocating processing power to a given application on the fly, based on the workload demands being experienced by the system at that exact moment.
Despite efforts being made by ballet companies to reach disadvantaged audiences and recruit black pupils to their schools, audiences for classical dance are still very white, and there are strong arguments to be made for reallocating money to areas in which more people might participate.
Steps include preparing a personal profile, educating consumers, using tools to make equity work for you, reallocating resources and restructuring repayment of debt to more favorably take advantage of tax deductions and more.
Morgan Stanley's CEO James Gorman has previously said that the firm would focus on reallocating capital away from proprietary businesses and reinvesting it in client businesses.
United Heritage implemented Ceto's Deposit Reclassification Solution in 2004, restructuring its transaction (checking) accounts and thereby reallocating $1.
The fiscal 2006 budget complies with the charter-mandated revenue growth requirement and reduces the property tax burden on residents but was balanced mostly by reallocating pay-as-you-go capital funding to the operating budget and increasing its bond funding of the capital plan.
E[acute accent]Specific to how companies in various regions will spend their IT dollars, research indicates that companies are reallocating the savings derived from cuts in infrastructure to invest in new development initiatives.
The Opsware System automates the complete IT lifecycle including provisioning, deploying, changing, scaling, securing, recovering, consolidating, auditing and reallocating servers and business applications.
The latest feature to be offered by 529 savings plans, systematic exchange allows investors to apply "dollar cost averaging" principles by regularly reallocating specific preset amounts from one investment option to another, while still remaining within their annual investment rule parameters.
This functionality permits the optimization of server resources (processor, memory) by reallocating them dynamically with regard to variations in workload.