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Synonyms for realized

successfully completed or brought to an end

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How helpless she was, even with the spear that the white man had left her, she realized as she noted for the thousandth time the massive shoulders, the bull necks, and the great muscles gliding so easily beneath the glossy coats.
At that time all of the apes looked much alike to Bertha Kircher, nor was it until some time later that she realized that each differed from the others in individual characteristics of face and figure as do individuals of the human races.
He commenced to jabber and gesticulate, and even with her scant acquaintance with the ways of the anthropoids, she realized that he was not menacing her, for there was little or no baring of fighting fangs and his whole expression and attitude was of one attempting to explain a knotty problem or plead a worthy cause.
This she realized she could not do, and so she was forced to lag behind, much to the chagrin of Zu-tag, who constantly kept running back and urging her to greater speed.
The girl saw the stake in the village street and the piles of fagots about it and in terror she suddenly realized the portent of these grisly preparations.
Ghek realized that in his escape he could take with him but a single rykor, and there was none in Bantoom that could give him better service than this giant Iying here.
We shall need no barricades for we shall not linger in the tower," replied Gahan, moving more rapidly as he realized from the volume of sound behind them the great number of their pursuers.
Ghek led the way, grasping one of Tara's hands the more easily to guide and assist her, while Gahan of Gathol followed a few paces in their rear, his bared sword ready for the assault that all realized must come upon them now before ever they reached the enclosure and the flier.
She realized that her position was hopeless--with Anderssen and her husband dead there was no one in all the world with a desire to succour her who knew where she might be found.
How long she hung there she never knew, but finally a little strength returned to her, and presently she realized that it was a pendant creeper hanging low from a jungle tree upon the bank that had saved her from the river's rapacious maw.
Under the liability method, the goal is to measure deferred taxes by using the enacted tax rate expected to apply to taxable income in periods the deferred tax asset or liability is expected to be paid or realized.
Applicability of the exclusion to all of the gain realized at the time of sale, not just the gain attributable to the residence's appreciation while it was a principal residence.
However, a valuation allowance would be established if it is more likely than not some or all of the deferred tax assets would not be realized based on available evidence.
Total net realized and unrealized gains from investment activities were $1,994,106, equal to $0.
The amount realized on the sale is $145,000 ($155,000 sales price -- $10,000 selling expenses).