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Synonyms for reality

Synonyms for reality

the fact or state of existing or of being actual

the quality of being actual or factual

something having real, demonstrable existence

Synonyms for reality

all of your experiences that determine how things appear to you

the state of being actual or real

the state of the world as it really is rather than as you might want it to be

the quality possessed by something that is real

References in classic literature ?
And you'll sit beside me, and we'll look, not at visions, but at realities.
1) The overwhelming conclusion of these interpreters of the new realities is that former practices, structures, and traditions no longer function as they once did and thus have become like old and outdated machines, ill-fitted to keep pace or to operate with effectiveness.
Every scientific invention takes us closer to the ideal of "total cinema"--from the addition of sound and color to film, to the creation of three-dimensional interactive virtual realities.
The process reflected population details from the 2000 census and the four political realities that always govern redistricting.
He contrasts this approach with a propositional view, or correspondence theory, in which doctrines make straightforward truth claims and provide discursive information about objective realities.
Sociology of knowledge deals not only with empirical knowledge relative to various societies but also with the processes by which bodies of knowledge become established as social realities.