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Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Paul Johnson agreed to release the site in August 1999, said Virginia King, MTMC's Base Realignment and Closure Program Manager.
Our analysis of data going back to the first Congress will show that the rise and fall in the number of split Senate delegations can be attributed in large part to periods of realignment in American politics.
The rise of large-scale industry in the late 19th and early 20th century had profound effects on our politics and on the character of the two political parties, but it did not represent a fundamental crisis of the American regime, and the populist impulse of the time led neither to a new party nor a realignment between the parties.
The private sector's problem is to form some view about the realignment rate of the government actually in power.
Hunter argues that the conflicts he portrays reflect a "fundamental realignment in American culture" in which [t]he dominant impulse at the present time is toward the polarization of a religiously informed public culture into two relatively distinct moral and ideological camps.
26 Per Share, in Realignment Costs and an Estimated After-Tax Charge of Around $14 Million, or Approximately $0.
The realignment will be effected by transfers of equity interests in companies owned by the parties to the master agreement which are engaged in the manufacture, distribution and sale of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in Mainland China.
USPS has taken steps to respond to most of GAO's prior recommendations to strengthen planning and accountability for its network realignment efforts.
Local governments have criticized and rejected the agreement ahead of March, when the two countries plan to release a final report on the realignment.
The realignment process, Wigod said, is administered by a Northern Area commission.
Of particular interest to information dissemination is the realignment of Taxpayer Education and Communication (TEC) with the former alignment of Communication and Liaison and Government Liaison and Disclosure.
Consistent with this direction, I authorize the realignment of two civilian manpower authorizations and two Senior Executive Service resources from OUSD(C) to the OUSD(AT & L) for this essential business transformation program.
The United States and South Korea agreed Friday to strengthen deterrence against threats from North Korea through the planned realignment of U.
Section 2914 (Special Procedures for Making Recommendations for Realignments and Closures for 2005 Round; Commission Consideration Of Recommendations) of the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (Pub.
Intrigued by the broad implications of his formulation, scholars quickly transformed it into a "democratic" theory of political change - the realignment perspective on American politics (Clubb, Flanigan, and Zingale 1990; Kleppner 1987).