real-time operation

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data processing fast enough to keep up with an outside process

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As a result, Real-Time Operation Systems have been used to help in achieving these objectives.
After learning about how SCIwatch can help cut annual energy spending dramatically by comparing predicted energy and system efficiencies against real-time operations, we've been including this breakthrough software-as-a service solution in a number of large proposals to high-end retailers and large municipalities with great success," said Paul Oswald, president of ESI.
Its 3D rendering engine software enables the real-time operation of applications displaying 3D graphics data on a multitude of devices, such as handheld game pads, PDA's, digital camcorders, car navigation displays, and mobile phones.
At SPP, he's a bridge between the real-time operations floor and back-office engineering support, solving problems to keep the power flowing.
The data captured by these devices will be shared with ARENA, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) and energy network businesses to facilitate better-informed system planning and real-time operations.
Their topics include new applications of intelligent transport systems to real-time transit operations, real-time operations management decision support systems: a conceptual framework, the real-time modeling of normative travel strategies on unreliable dynamic transit networks: a framework analysis, time-dependent shortest hyperpaths for dynamic routing on transit networks, and optimal schedules for multimodal transit services: an activity-based approach.
Admix's proprietary IT platform allows real-time operations monitoring and efficient implementation for new clients.
com)-- Sightline Systems, a real-time operations intelligence solution company focused on enhancing end-to-end analytics monitoring, announces Sightline Assure for monitoring VMS servers (Video Management Software).
Real-time operations are helping businesses to significantly improve relationships with their customers, generate add-on sales to price based on demand, and enabling marketing teams to make quick-fire amendments to sales campaigns in response to current trends, such as the weather, or immediate customer feedback.
The system orchestrates material and information flow to order fulfillment technology and material handling equipment, providing real-time operations intelligence into warehousing processes.
As a role-based, action-oriented and scalable workforce management tool, the module enables each user to create a tailored view of real-time operations across multiple facilities.
Knowledge Reservoir, an engineering and geosciences solutions company, is collaborating with United Space Alliance, LLC (USA) to provide real-time operations center (RTOCSM) personnel, expertise, training and planning support to U.
Fiat Powertrain has appointed Parsec Automation Corp, the developer of TrakSYS, a leading real-time operations and performance management software.
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