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of or relating to computer systems that update information at the same rate they receive information

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ACT, affiliated with the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, published The Real-Time Revolution: Redefining How We Work to help independent agents and brokers and carriers better use real-time technology to improve work flows and customer service and sales, and understand the broad reach technology is likely to have in the industry.
In addition to providing a real-time IPC mechanism, DCX ships with a built in Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) for Process Control (OPC) server that allows seamless interoperability with software packages that conform to the OPC Data Access Custom Interface Specification 2.
The SeeWhy event-stream processing system uses these streams for real-time metrics, alerts and actions into business processes.
SEMCI has evolved into real-time transactions between agencies and carriers to make things more efficient, said Barr, assistant vice president at Marsh and chairperson of Applied Services' ASCnet Interface Committee.
0 in real-time," says Bill Loesch, vice president of technology and marketing for Pinnacle Systems' Personal Web Video Division.
This investment expands Wind River's real-time technology expertise and broadens the company's market opportunity.
It also can be argued that a fully implemented real-time company doesn't need a physical "brick-and-mortar" home office.
FSMLabs' hard real-time OSDL registered Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) is taking the telecommunication industry by storm.
Often referenced in research published in primary journals, real-time PCR is a laboratory method used to simultaneously detect and determine the amount of nucleic acids present in samples.
At the heart of Cablecam's system is its Overdrive motion control software, which relies on RTLinux as its hard real-time engine.
Our customers span industries including healthcare, banking, financial services and retail, and rely on GoldenGate's technology to provide continuous access to real-time transactional data which improves customer satisfaction, revenue, and growth," said Ali Kutay, chairman and CEO of GoldenGate Software.
Carrier Grade RTLinux combines POSIX hard real-time with the ability to host virtual instances of enterprise operating systems and accompanying compute loads.
ATLANTA -- Concurrent Computer Corporation (NASDAQ: CCUR) today announced it is celebrating 40 years as a leading provider of high-performance, real-time technology solutions for commercial and government markets.
Covelight Systems, innovator of real-time application-independent online management solutions, today announced the Inflight Intelligence Engine[TM] (IIE), which enables the use of real-time events for business applications.
This alliance combines Covelight's real-time, application-independent online management solutions with StreamBase's real-time and historical Complex Event Processing (CEP) software.
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