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the practical world as opposed to the academic world


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Ah, we were looking into the real world then, Charley
At the shot, of the two shadow-wanderers, the one reeled downward to the dark and the other reeled upward to the light, swaying drunkenly on his scurvy-ravaged legs, shivering with nervousness and cold, rubbing swimming eyes with shaking fingers, and staring at the real world all about him that had returned to him with such sickening suddenness.
My world had for some years been in Lowood: my experience had been of its rules and systems; now I remembered that the real world was wide, and that a varied field of hopes and fears, of sensations and excitements, awaited those who had courage to go forth into its expanse, to seek real knowledge of life amidst its perils.
At last she shut the book sharply, lay back, and drew a deep breath, expressive of the wonder which always marks the transition from the imaginary world to the real world.
The true prudence limits this sensualism by admitting the knowledge of an internal and real world.
Structure and substance in 'Evelina' are alike somewhat amateurish in comparison with the novels of the next century; but it does manifest, together with some lack of knowledge of the real world, genuine understanding of the core, at least, of many sorts of character; it presents artificial society life with a light and pleasing touch; and it brought into the novel a welcome atmosphere of womanly purity and delicacy.
Thus, therefore, the floor of our familiar room has become a neutral territory, somewhere between the real world and fairy-land, where the Actual and the Imaginary may meet, and each imbue itself with the nature of the other.
Some such picture, with no real world in it, bright with the light of our innocence, and vague as the stars afar off, was in my mind all the way.
Though, the way the real world is described, maybe that's a good thing.
The couple persevered and was even featured on another MTV show, Out in the Real World, after Dill got out of the military and came out of the closet in 2003.
This question guides the readiness assurance process in which the lecturer uses a combination of empowerment tools (Fetterman, 2004; Michaelson, 1994) designed to evaluate the student's preparedness for the application of the TC/HR content to real world problems.
Users of AR systems can block out certain aspects of the real world that might either detract from the task at hand, a process known as diminished reality, or they can filter out confusing information and see things not normally visible to the unaided eye, a freeze-frame process called mediated reality.
Getting computers to sense the real world is a challenge for the Auto-ID Center, a research project of Massachusetts Institute of Technology funded by about 65 industry sponsors.
Their real world is different than the real world of the successful.
Unfortunately, in the Real World, not all therapists are noble people.