real time

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the actual time that it takes a process to occur

(computer science) the time it takes for a process under computer control to occur

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Imagine how much bank costs would increase if employees and branches were needed to provide the services now available real time from the Internet and ATMs?
Novell and Concurrent share a commitment to excellence that benefits our customers, as evidenced by our partnership surrounding SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time from Novell," said Justin Steinman, Novell director of marketing for Linux and Open Platform Solutions.
Aonix's PERC real-time virtual machine supported on RedHawk real-time Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time are immediately available.
Covelight FraudProbe is the only online fraud monitoring solution designed to deliver comprehensive, fraud data to any fraud management system without requiring integration with the application - in real time.
Notifies the customer in real time using an outbound call or messaging, giving the customer the opportunity to approve or deny the suspicious pattern through an automated system
The Dashboard Studio product, already in use at a number of client sites, gives the user the ability to visualize in real time all relevant activity, with automatic alerts when complex conditions or exceptions are detected.
Active mediation augments Telcordia's extensive converged real-time charging capabilities, increasing the functionality that frees operators to create, deliver, and accurately charge in real time for new revenue-generating services including rich interactive multimedia, location-based and personal information services.