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informal usage attributing authenticity

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But I don't quite agree that the real thing is n't interesting.
The whole drama of the man's great past rose up before her eyes, made a living and real thing by his simple but vigorous language.
A few minutes before, there had only been three real things before me--the immensity of the night and space and nature, my own feeble- ness and anguish, and the near approach of death.
Would you have robbed me - for no one's enrichment - only for the greater desolation of this world - of the immaterial part of my life, the spring and summer of my belief, my refuge from what is sordid and bad in the real things around me, my school in which I should have learned to be more humble and more trusting with them, and to hope in my little sphere to make them better?
They moved so slowly because they were not single but double, and Susan was attached to Arthur, and Rachel to Terence, and for the sake of this one man they had renounced all other men, and movement, and the real things of life.
Being a meat eater, I would have preferred the real thing, but I imagine this and other types of faux meat can be quite enjoyable to someone who deprives him or herself over a lengthy period.
Even so, lab-grown skin can't ever completely mimic the real thing.
Our unbeatable pounds 35,000 prize game in association with Philips is so like the real thing we're even dishing out Manager of the Month gongs in the race for the championship.
Now, three albums later - the Steve Albini-produced Rid of Me, 1993, the raw 4-Track Demos, 1993, and the Nick Cave-ish To Bring You My Love, 1995, plus a limited-edition release of B-sides - she's giving every indication of being the real thing.
Gerald, however, contends that Palmiter's mice merely indicate that the other neuropeptide Y-like chemicals in the brain can substitute for the real thing or that other feeding pathways can compensate for the absence of neuropeptide Y.
All have had representatives visit our mine and know we are the real thing.
Besides, now maybe I can meet some other bloggers and make this a real thing.
THEY might have lost out on Saturday night's ITV pop revival show, Hit Me Baby One More Time, but the Real Thing are still revelling in their biggest chart success for 20 years.
So Eric, of Newton Mearns in Glasgow, ran up a REPLICA of a cracking sparkler by using cubic zirconium instead of the real thing.
has made the real thing -- although they were attempting to make metal-stuffed buckyballs.