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an ancient form of tennis played in a four-walled court

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The council's cabinet member for inclusive growth, Coun Ged Bell, said: "The Jesmond Dene Real Tennis Club is one of the city's hidden gems.
Organiser Henry Byron, chairman of tennis for the club, says: "Every year the Real Tennis Club hosts a ball and after the success of last autumn's charity afternoon tea, which raised more than PS5,000 for both charities, we wanted to continue to show our support.
That they will never play mixed doubles with other suntanned couples, and she will never deserve real tennis shoes or his love.
Around the mid 1870s you had got a situation where there were several outdoor games with a racquet that were being created, though most were like real tennis and very aristocratic or up against a wall like fives or squash.
The road from Wii to Wimbledon requires hitting a real tennis ball with a real tennis racket.
Riba is one of the brightest young dirtballers around and the 23-year-old Catalan will be able to count on the vast majority of support in front of the partisan crowd at Barcelona's Real Tennis Club.
I like seeing him and how he reacts away from a real tennis court like that.
But if one talks of real tennis action, the $ 400,000 ATP Tour event is a serious one, even though people still wonder why big bucks weren't splurged to rope in the marquee players.
Women's World Real Tennis Championship, Newport, Rhode Island, United States of America (Gbr unless stated): Singles Semi-finals: C.
In England what became known as real tennis, set in an indoor quadrangle, continued by more as a fashionable past time for the rich.
Unfortunately it's a slower paced game that lacks the excitement of a real tennis match.
Tournament director Tim Crutchley, of Finch, says: "It's a prestige occasion during which we aim to provide a platform for some of the world's real tennis legends to showcase their talents.
m The rules of Real Tennis included the phrase, `players shall accept success, failure, victory or defeat with good grace, and without excessive display of emotion'.
I have found that the players working in the gym get bored much more quickly than those on a real tennis court.
I doubt any real tennis players have jumped in bed together during Wimbledon as much as we do in the film.