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a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land

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Dubai's Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) has recently announced fines for real estate agencies promoting and marketing properties via SMS or phone call.
"This information directly benefits our users and encourages real estate agencies to list their best rates.
Mergers and acquisitions were variables in play with this year's lineup of residential real estate agencies. In Jonesboro, ERA Doty Real Estate, No.
amendments, the real estate agencies are to pay 60 thsd AMD per employee monthly, and the dentists are to pay 100 thsd AMD per
Real estate agencies say that it is clear that the real estate market crisis is neither a coincidence or short-lived as some suggested during the summer.
The Shoura Council has finished drafting the real estate agencies practice law that is expected to regulate the work of real estate offices.
NRA have also sent the information to real estate agencies to help appraise Bulgarian citizens about all future monetary obligations when considering a property purchase in the country's southern neighbor.
"NBK has built solid business relationships with trustworthy real estate agencies, to provide convenience and reliability for all our customers.
Navaretta, who opened her boutique agency in 2010 after more than 15 years working with corporate real estate agencies, received a congratulatory citation from Town of Oyster Bay Councilman Chris Coschignano in honor of her success and the positive influence she and her agency have had on the Town of Oyster Bay.
PwC conducted a survey on 600 real estate agencies, and according to the results, most of the participants picked Istanbul as the best city to buy real estate among 27 European cities.
The New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority recently recognized its 2009 top 10 participating real estate agencies.
DOZENS of real estate agencies operate without obtaining a professional licence: this is illegal and jeopardises consumers' insurance when deals go bad, said Dinos Soteriou, president of the Council of Real Estate Agents.
The Aktia Group includes Aktia Fund Management Ltd, Aktia's Real Estate Agencies, Aktia Asset Management Oy Ab and Aktia Real Estate Mortgage Bank Plc.
Visual Research will make the service available on its Cyber Estate search site, starting in January 2006, targeting over 700 real estate agencies nationwide that have introduced the company's Space Manager real estate management software.
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