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"We're a little unique that way, in that we're not as skewed to the variable as others are and thus there's a better fit to have commercial real estate in our portfolio than other companies may find for themselves," Ross said.
The GLB Act neither specifically authorizes nor specifically forbids financial holding companies or financial subsidiaries of national banks to engage in real estate brokerage and management activities.
The real estate division suggested converting the factory to white-collar use.
Title XI of FIRREA was enacted "to promote the safety and soundness of insured institutions by requiring that real estate appraisals utilized in connection with federally related transactions be performed in writing in accordance with the uniform standards by individuals whose competency has been demonstrated and whose professional conduct is subject to effective supervision." Federally related transactions are any real-estate-related financial transactions that a federal financial institution, regulatory agency or the Resolution Trust Company engages in, contracts for or regulates and that require an appraiser's services.
It provides a rare glimpse inside perhaps the biggest con in the real estate industry: grossly exaggerated appraisals.
"As investors increasingly look toward real estate securities globally to diversify their equity portfolios, they require more sophisticated risk measurement tools to benchmark their returns.
Retail web sites provide breaking news and its online newsletters, including "GlobeSt Week," address specific commercial and real estate segments.
469(c)(7)(B) defines a real estate professional as a taxpayer who (1) spends more than 750 hours and (2) performs more than one-half of his or her personal services during the tax year in real property trades or businesses in which he or she materially participates.
Still, the wisdom of that CEO, who runs a high-growth, high-tech company, cuts right to the heart of what chief executives need to know: Real estate is too central to your corporation's ability to reach its overall objectives to think of real estate strategies outside the context of corporate strategies.
"Commercial real estate investing is a very serious business," says Olusola Seriki, principal in Metroventures/USA Inc., a real estate development and management firm in Columbia, Maryland.
The region's strong performance in the early 1980s, after a period in which construction activity was low and the supply of housing and office space had tightened, sparked a construction and real estate boom.
21: The Greater New York Chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management will hold its monthly luncheon featuring Tim Carey, of the New York Power Authority, at the New York Helmsley Hotel, 212 East 42nd Street.
The report lists public real estate as the second-best asset class, behind natural resources, for smaller endowments, which reported a 27 percent return on public real estate investments.
The latter was critical to Primo's strategy to swim with the big fish, since substantial deals now require the backing of real estate titans.
469(c)(7)(B), an individual is an eligible rental real estate professional for any tax year if: 1.
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