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informal usage attributing authenticity

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Wicklund's son, Brandon Wicklund, owns The Real McCoy Home Bar & Kitchen two blocks west of Artifacts at 114 Prospect St.
SPEAKING from the wallet there's one headline I want to avoid reading tomorrow morning - "The Real McCoy Makes it a Double.
Includes excerpts from The December Man (L'homme de decembre), Elizabeth Rex, Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), Mary's Wedding, The Real McCoy and many more.
com)-- The Real McCoy Hits and Sticks - Television and Film Producer, Datari Turner Has Another Hit on His Hands
Actor and comedian, whose work includes The Real McCoy.
Because they aren't full-length (and can't be raised and lowered), these tricksters require far less fabric than the real McCoy and can often be made from inexpensive remnants.
It is MY choice to retire and my choice to take the buyout," McCoy wrote on his blog, The Real McCoy, on the Daily News Web site Friday.
EVERY bar that serves its Sunday roast on huge square plates calls itself a gastropub these days, but The Monro, on Duke Street, is the real McCoy.
We have some presenters who are the real McCoy but some of us are doing it for fun.
If 2005 was the year of attempted reform for Sacramento, then 2006 could be the real McCoy, assuming that political leaders have learned the lessons of the past.
With the City still reeling, four very different Supermen emerge on the scene, each claiming to be the real, desperately needed Man of Steel, and even Lois can't tell which one, if any, is the real McCoy.
The Real McCoy star Walker said: 'This is a real issue facing us as black people.
Though the audience might believe a female could never be A REAL MCCOY (don't tell the wives that), readers will accept Kat as the sixth sibling.
Kim Basinger stars in The Real McCoy, an action film about a former bank robber.