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Jonson's poem is a testimony to this reaffiliation, a cele bration of the Wroths as exemplars of commonwealth identity within local region.
Under his presidency, the CLC has seen the affiliation of teachers and nurses, as well as the reaffiliation of the building trades.
Reaffiliation was, however, repeatedly followed by disaffiliation because the essential ideological and social differences between these institutions were irreconcilable.
One manifestation of this is what I call the "narrative of reaffiliation," in which the person with AIDS is posthumously and unilaterally reinserted into his nuclear family with little regard to those with and among whom he has been living.
Progress in personal transformation is often judged by such things as changed language, faithful attendance in education/training programs, increased punctuality and personal responsibility, willingness to work, improved social relations with staff, reaffiliation with family, avoidance of drugs, commitment to financial accountability, greater reliability, and increasing initiative and enthusiasm.
I'm pleased to announce my reaffiliation with Otter Creek .
A reaffiliation bid by the United Mine Workers was refused by the executive council of the American Federation of Labor.
18, 1990, even if reaffiliation subsequently occurred.
In another positive development, the AFL-CIO gained strength as a representative of organized labor as a result of the affiliation or reaffiliation of several unions: the United Mine Workers and the United Transportation Union reaffiliated with the AFL-CIO, and the Locomotive Engineers and the Writers Guild-East affiliated with the AFL-CIO.
In fact, unlike other major papers, The New York Times had no reporter assigned to the recent American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations convention until the reaffiliation of the teamsters emerged as an issue, just days before the convention was to begin.
8, 2005, Fitch believed Sprint Nextel would strike agreements with the affiliates over the next several quarters to either acquire the entities or enter into a new reaffiliation agreement.
The methods of reaffiliation mentioned in the letter rulings differed widely with little apparent consequence for receiving a waiver or not.
The reaffiliation culminated increasingly close cooperation between the federation and the Mine Workers in recent years, most notably the AFL-CIO's aid in the union's efforts to reach a settlement with the Pittston Co.
As a result of the July 2000 reaffiliation with Scripps Clinic, Scripps now has approximately 10,000 employees and also cares for patients at 11 Scripps Clinic locations throughout San Diego County.
Following the Teamsters reaffiliation with the AFL-CIO later in the year, an arbitrator selected the Teamsters for the organizing role from among several competing member unions.