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a handbook of tables used to facilitate computation

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Ali Ibrahim, deputy director general for executive affairs, DED, said: "The Dubai Resources business directory has been specifically conceptualised to further boost the business community and consumers with a ready reckoner on the various businesses in the Emirate.
Cllr Phil Townshend (Lab, Lower Stoke) said: "If a person who earns pounds 1 million a year agrees to drop his salary to pounds 500,000 a year, that is - and I've got my ready reckoner here - pounds 100 each for 5,000 homes.
A Gentleman's Guide to Calculating Winning Bets - A Sporting Ready Reckoner by Graham Sharpe (pounds 7.
For a free guide explaining redundancy and a payment ready reckoner, call 0800 544644.
The agency's Ready Reckoner explains how much landlords lose if they refuse to budge.
He told the Commons Treasury Select Committee that the projections contained in the Bank's quarterly report were "not a ready reckoner," and he warned that raising rates too early could "plunge the economy into unnecessary recession.
MMRDA will pay the difference in cost of land of 40 acres, as per the stamp duty ready reckoner rate based on 2016-17 arrived at Rs.
At your fingertips you'll have results of major races, a ready reckoner, and a free PS30 bet from bookies Betfair.
The government has gone in for an average 15 per cent hike in ready reckoner rates, which determine the amount of stamp duty and other taxes.
So, here's my ready reckoner for girls such as Megan Fox (above).
I doubt that Mr Wilson has ever run a proper business or has a ready reckoner of the values of media exposure.
For a free statutory redundancy ready reckoner, call 0800 544644.
A READY reckoner that estimates the size of a man's most valuable asset from the dimensions of his hands, nose and feet was launched on the internet yesterday.
The more information parents have about what they are entitled to the better, so I would urge all parents to use Daycare Trust's ready reckoner to find out how much help they can get.
The sheet gives a brief outline of the reform, a ready reckoner, information for cash takers and qualifying CO2 emission levels.