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desk or stand with a slanted top used to hold a text at the proper height for a lecturer


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He had succeeded in having the King's Provision Warehouse fitted with a reading desk, benches and a few pews.
A user can change position on the unit to use it as a couch or reading desk, and a built-in side table offers storage for books, bags or other personal belongings.
Emidius, details the work as a display - if not a boast on the part of the city that commissioned it - of highly desirable consumer goods: embroidered clothing, valuable tapestry, imported carpet, carved reading desk, gilded frieze, brass candlestick, leather-bound books, porcelain dishes, majolica pot, crystal vase, terra cotta carvings, earthenware pots, marble floor, and an array of architectural form and detail.
Tenders are invited for Acrylic Table Top Easy Reading Desk With Adjustable Height 21 X 15 .
The lectern is also made of mahogany while the reading desk is made of fossil stone to match the altar's table top.
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A leather wing-back English sleeping chair of 1665-75 with rods to its reading desk and iron ratchets is in the Victoria & Albert Museum.
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Even the design of reading desks and library furniture can tell us much about how people read in the past.
Professor Beck's predictably caustic and entirely unjustified attack on the "highly questionable condition' of the Rotterdam Madonna and Child with Two Angels should by now surprise no one familiar with the general tenor of his recent writings, but his complaint that the decorations mounted behind reading desks as an adjunct to the exhibition, reproducing details from some of Fra Angelico's monumental frescoes, were 'out of scale, out of order and without regard for chronology', is utterly baffling.
Below are the reading desks, to which you descend by an elegant freestanding spiral stair clad in a metal drum.
Both book stacks and reading desks therefore need light, either natural or artificial.
The circles gradually grow in diameter as they rise and their parapets are formed into reading desks at which users work looking out into the central void.