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Synonyms for readiness

Synonyms for readiness

the condition of being made ready beforehand

the ability to perform without apparent effort

Synonyms for readiness

the state of having been made ready or prepared for use or action (especially military action)

prompt willingness

(psychology) being temporarily ready to respond in a particular way

a natural effortlessness


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Materiel readiness means providing the right equipment, materiel, and capabilities to ensure the Army's ability to fight and win.
This article presents a blueprint for client readiness evaluations that are based on a simple, systematic process that ensures the active participation of the client's manufacturing representative (s) in the manufacturing campaign at the CMO.
It is assumed that ESOL venues have resources to cover those topics that those topics have been covered already when participants enroll in the ESOL work readiness courses.
Develop and Shape Logistics Policy and Processes to Enhance Readiness and Logistic Capabilities--N4 has the responsibility for Navy logistics policy that ultimately drives the Navy's support processes.
A strategy that does not define these attributes of readiness is, at best, incomplete.
Figure 1, page 6, illustrates the construct and methodology of the readiness report.
According to Jeff Packard, Dimension Data's Global Head of Consulting and Professional Services, moving to the cloud is a complex process as there are many aspects to consider such as security, application migration, internal readiness, billing, authentication, single sign-on, and integration with other applications.
With the restructuring of the Air Force Reserve's three numbered air forces, senior leaders realized they needed to create readiness offices in each wing to effectively make sure members are ready to deploy.
Our meetings included many of the organizations that are framing the discussion about "college and career readiness," including Achieve, Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the Education Trust.
The Navy Readiness Reporting Enterprise, enterprise readiness metric teams, cross-functional teams, type commander pillar teams, and type/series readiness matrix building teams have come together to produce a quantum leap forward in readiness reporting.
In the absence of an Active Component (AC) electronic dental record, by 2006 the NGB dental surgeon's office had developed DENCLASS, an electronic dental record and dental readiness tracking system.
A new Child Trends research brief provides an overview of state early learning guidelines and school readiness assessments.
That's because the current readiness reporting system, Status of Resources and Training System, commonly known throughout the fleet as "SORTS," is being replaced with a new Web-enabled database system that leverages single-entry authoritative data from across the naval enterprise.
Readiness Schools, while under school committee control, would operate outside the district administrative framework.