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Synonyms for reactive

Synonyms for reactive

participating readily in reactions

reacting to a stimulus


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Mercia has also now invested the second tranche of PS500,000 in London-based Crowd Reactive, a usergenerated content platform for events and venues.
Overall, due to its strong performance and disruptive IT solutions, Reactive Technologies has earned Frost & Sullivan's 2015 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award.
Evidence of an increased in vitro thrombotic tendency in patients with reactive thrombocytosis is of paramount importance in proving the cause and effect relationship between reactive thrombocytosis and thromboembolism.
4) As an alternate route, the solvent can be partially replaced by a reactive diluent, thus retaining the resin molecular weight and increasing the solids content of the formulation.
2), (6) According to the traditional algorithm (see Figure 1), a non-reactive non-treponemal ends the testing process (except when very recent infection is suspected, in which case clinicians sometimes request that the laboratory perform a treponemal test, which can become reactive before a non-treponemal test does).
Versions of the molecules with just one reactive arm got together in pairs, while those with two or four reactive tips got together in chains and grids, respectively, the researchers report in the November Nature Nanotechnology.
Reactive power costs are usually divided into fixed and variable ones [1.
Both reactive Fe and PRI have been routinely measured by commercial soil testing laboratories in Western Australia since the mid 1980s.
Any low-reactive or reactive result will be retested with a third-generation ELISA immuno-assay to retest the antibody component.
In the months that followed, the agents employed both reactive and proactive techniques to investigate CST offenders.
A regression analysis revealed that motivational beliefs and use of self-regulated learning strategies are significant predictors of math standardized test scores beyond and above parents' active and reactive homework involvement and students' gender and ethnic differences.
Developmental FlexiBloc Living Polymers--reactive prepolymers made with BlocBuilder--are offered to compounders and resin producers for reactive extrusion and chain extension.
Strawson responds to this charge by directing our attention to the reactive attitudes.
Such chemistry is often the major source of free radicals and other short-lived reactive species in indoor environments.
Understanding And Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog.