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If anything, the authoritarian foundations of the secular consensus and the persistent (and at times violent) Islamic reactionism render argumentation unnecessary and dangerous for both sides of the political divide.
From the beginning of his life, Alun Lewis experienced reactionism, as his parents were vociferous suffragists and his father, who spoke Welsh, was almost anxious that his children, like their mother, spoke English--irrespective of the history of the colonisation of the country by the English in the first half of sixteenth century.
Pre-empting accusations of conservatism, reactionism, or even passeism, the young author affirms that he does understand that the past has never succeeded, that "before" was no better; but this in itself makes it necessary for individuals and societies to keep tradition in mind.
The lack of interest in the anglophone Catholic world for Taparelli's writing can be attributed to a variety of reasons, not least of which was his (unjust) association within Catholic intellectual circles with some sort of Catholic reactionism or obscurantism.
Frost's clash with a series of choirmasters in the early part of the twentieth century may thus be viewed as an expression of the PSCC's early anxiety-inducing encounters with the forces of modernity, replete with both ambiguous and strident reactionism.
Slavery in the Abstract was a slippery concept that meant different things to different writers, whose indictments of free society perhaps overlapped more than their visions of the southern future - contrast George Fitzhugh's reactionism with the modernist corporatism of Henry Hughes.
It was also the aesthetic manifestation of a profound, growing and dangerous political reactionism.
And when more deeply considered, do we actually know who Cohen is laughing at--conservative citizens of the "red" states, Americans in general, Euro-American civilization as such, or the cultural reactionism of the Third World?
Agent causation is a frankly mysterious doctrine, positing something unparalleled by anything we discover in the causal processes of chemical reactionism, nuclear fission and fusion, magnetic attraction, hurricanes, volcanoes, or such biological processes as metabolism, growth, immune reactions, and photosynthesis.
It's no more than finishing a degree in a reasonable timeframe, reducing the months after graduating in which failed exams can be retaken to 18 months and abolishing the compulsory textbooks paid for by taxpayers, which are often a stitch-up by publishing companies and academics: hardly rampant right wing reactionism.
63) Mahcupyan also argues that the protective instinct created by a sudden change of living space creates, in the end, a reactionism that freezes time, fixes the community, and obstructs politics by pushing it into irrational channels.
Virtually strangled in infancy by post-civil-war judicial reactionism, long frustrated by judicial neglect, the theory of equal protection may yet take its rightful place in the unfinished Constitutional struggle for democracy.
This extended, frantic thrash against the current, the last 30 years of his life, served Ford's memory poorly; he washed up, a bigoted lump, on the wrong side of history, a monument to the tragic reactionism of self-made men.
Efforts on the part of Native Americans to challenge the varied forms of oppression have elicited remarkably consistent patterns of white reactionism.
Mencken concludes that black writers have not yet produced enduring work, citing "race" consciousness and reactionism as, on one hand, vitiating black attempts at "serious" and "realistic" creative expression and, on the other hand, reducing them to melodrama and propaganda ("The Negro" 320).