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(law) the reduction in severity of a punishment imposed by law

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The Supreme Court will hear Malvo's re-sentencing case in October.
The trial court imposed concurrent terms of 210 months imprisonment, but was then subject to re-sentencing from a decision of the U.S.
In fact, some convicted defendants have been sentenced to more time after "winning" their appeals and gaining re-sentencing hearings, (56) which is surely not what they had in mind when they asked their lawyers to appeal.
476, 481 (2011) (holding that the defendant's post-incarceration conduct could be taken into account on re-sentencing and could support a downward departure from the advisory guidelines).
I did handle the re-sentencing after the case was remanded.
After 24 years on Texas death row, a re-sentencing trial and an unsuccessful escape attempt, Gustavo Julian Garcia, 43, is scheduled for execution Tuesday night.
re-sentencing" under both the Due Process Clause of the Fifth
Should Ms Walker-Hornblower fail to comply with the injunction, then she could be found to be in contempt of court and ordered back for re-sentencing.
Wednesday the re-sentencing of six prisoners, who were released in Sahlit swap of
In re-sentencing Vilar to ten years, and giving Tanaka six years, US district judge Richard Sullivan described them as "vindictive" for obstructing the return of money to victims.
Graham received a re-sentencing hearing and a new sentence of twenty-five years.
Inmates serving long prison sentences for offenses they committed as teenagers will have a chance for re-sentencing under a new law in California.
(166) The retroactive impact of Furman was limited to the re-sentencing of inmates on appeal or those on death row.
El-Hage, whose re-sentencing had been scheduled for as early as 2009 but was pushed back at the request of the defense, called his conviction an injustice and contended the jury was biased.