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a proposal of something previously rejected

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As a parliament, we must unravel the causes of this scarcity and the alleged re-introduction of fuel subsidy,'' Dogara said.
New Delhi: Within days of introducing new 200 rupee notes, the finance ministry on Tuesday ruled out re-introduction of Rs 1,000 currency bills that were scrapped as part of the demonetisation move last November.
Union bosses and politicians also fail to take into account the negative effect the re-introduction of CoLA would have on employment.
It is also clear from the responses to the consultation that there is not clear cut support for the re-introduction of prescription charges to finance such a fund.
Barbara Stanley, visitor experience manager at Plas Newydd, said: "It used to be such a rare occurrence, spotting a red, but thanks to the re-introduction programme here as part of the Anglesey Red Squirrel Project, which began in 2008, they seem to be thriving.
Sitka Gear thinks it has developed the most focused system ever for the hardcore rut hunter with the re-introduction of the Fanatic Jacket ($399; www.
This re-introduction programme plays an important role in the long-term conservation of this endangered species and is part of the Species Recovery Programme supported by Natural England.
Diagnosis can usually be made by exclusion of the food for a specific period (usually 2-6 weeks), followed by planned and intentional re-introduction of the food.
After stabilisation the patients were randomised to one of the two groups to receive re-introduction of anti-tuberculous therapy under the guidelines of British Thoracic Society (Group I) or those of American Thoracic Society (Group II).
The Finance Minister also announced in his budget speech about re-introduction of Kishan Vikas Patra (KVP) and enhancement of ceiling in PPF Scheme from Rs.
I AM writing to endorse Denis's observations about the re-introduction of the Pay and Display parking system at the Alfred Street car park, especially his final paragraph: "Kirklees may make a few quid extra with the new system but I think Huddersfield shops and cafes will be the losers.
The First Minister said: "We can see an amazing transformation with the re-introduction of the beach and the opening of this firstclass facility.
Saturday's show has seen a welcome re-introduction of the conference room audition.
I do believe that their re-introduction would be a good thing.
As part of the development of student rugby in Wales, last season saw the re-introduction of the Wales Students national team for the first time since 2004.