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incorporate again or anew

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He will continue to report to General Mills UK MD Jim Moseley and the company will use the move to re-incorporate the Jus-Rol and Saxby's sales and marketing functions into Uxbridge, although pastry manufacturing will continue at Berwick-upon-Tweed.
54% stake in Nare Diamonds, which has four concessions in South Africa and the Lulo concession in Angola, it was decided to re-incorporate as Lonrho Mining--which initially traded on the Australian stock exchange and is shortly expected to take up a dual listing on AIM in London.
The unusual polar lobe generated at second cleavage did not re-incorporate into the macromeres.
Although Rita had been seen periodically, whereas the primary focus had been on consciousness raising with Randall, careful efforts were made to re-incorporate her into therapy.
If economists are to successfully re-incorporate social philosophy into political economy, they might consider an appeal to utilitarianism rather than morality.
The overall goal of this project is to recover as much energy as possible from the waste of the dairy cows and re-incorporate that energy back into the Cal Poly electrical grid for the benefit of the dairy.
Remove from heat and let the sauce cool, stirring occasionally to re-incorporate any oil which might break out.
The selling agents believe that some purchasers might re-incorporate the flat into the main house, keeping the further annexe separate.
Moreover, the group believes externalisation could make it possible to re-incorporate many of the TAOs without increasing the claims on Part A of the EU Budget's various headings (the idea is to create a separate A-B line for the TAOs).
General Goyeneche prepared to seize the opportunity to sweep all the way to the Rio de la Plata with his victorious troops, re-incorporate the rebellious province back into the junta of Seville, and handpick a new viceroy.
Roel Piepers, a former leading executive with Philips and Compaq, who joined InfoRay's board, agreed with the company's new backers, Mayfield Partners, in convincing the former rock band leader to re-incorporate InfoRay as a Delaware holding company, moving its sales and marketing to the U.
However, he has been quoted by Neraca daily as saying that he still does not know whether to re-incorporate the commodities currently covered by the PEBT system into the HS (Harmonized System).
Sonia Licht, director of the Institute, has pledged to re-incorporate the organization under a different name.
Following this transaction, the company intends to re-incorporate in Delaware under the name Mikojo Inc.
The circular letter cites Article 13 of the Constitution and Article 1 of the law on prison system, regarding the protection of physical and moral integrity of inmates and preparing them to re-incorporate society.