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interpret from a different viewpoint


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He was not a superficial MEP, like many in Parliament, and because he had a background as a European civil servant, we didn't have to re-explain things to him constantly," recalls a member of his party, who praised his "political sense, matched with a good sense of humour".
School's method: English Immersion Date:-- Activity:-- Please, mark each time the teacher uses Spanish during the lesson: Time 0-20 min 21-40 min 41-60 min Provide instructions Explain grammar Clarify vocabulary Establish rapport Re-explain a topic students did not understand Ensure students understood Express feelings/behaviors Explain cultural differences Correct students' mistakes Translation activity Compare L1, Spanish--L2, English Ask questions Answer questions Control behavior Asking and giving school administrative info Adapted from Gomez and Hincapie (1998) and Torres (1998)
We will have to explain and re-explain that the problem is not with religion, the problem is with those who decided to tarnish its fundamental meanings and make it responsible for what it never preached.
SWPBIS interventions would not re-explain that same portion of the variance already accounted for by counseling program implementation or student-to-school-counselor ratios.
Forcing customers to re-enter their identifying information and re-explain their issues is one of the largest drivers of dissatisfaction--and, unfortunately, a common practice.
4 The video was stopped several times throughout to re-explain the procedure being shown, so the actual amount of time taken to view the video was about twice this time.
And the government has an agency that before you get involved with the reverse mortgage will re-explain everything to you so you know what you are getting involved with.
It is often a good idea to put investments in place gradually to avoid any nasty surprises; then, once everything has been set into motion, a meeting should be arranged soon afterwards to re-explain the investments, reassure the client and discuss the initial investment valuation.
He can see on my face if I'm struggling with something and he'll re-explain it .
Afterwards ''K'' will re-explain the concept of "Complete Freedom of Choice" and how SMM use it to get to their ultimate goal: Self-Realization.
The Nemont crew decided that one stumbling block for business owners is having to re-explain their stories.
While literary lions such as Milan Kundera continued to publish from abroad long after the reasons for their exile had disappeared, those who had stayed through the bad times--most of them contemporaries of Vaclav Havel, born in 1936--found themselves "forced to re-explain the communist period to younger readers who have no persona] memories of political repression.
This support may involve calling a physician to come and re-explain the procedure, or assuring the surrogate who signed the consent has the best interest of the patient in mind.
When this happens we are forced to ask teachers to re-explain the lessons that took place on that day.
I obviously need to re-explain how to read sideways screen text: you have to get up from your chair tilt your body horizontally and stop your specs from falling off.