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question after cross-examination by opposing counsel

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The medical board re-examined the girls after the nine months of the incident.
Paul Hollard, programme director for the South Wales Programme, said: "In light of the feedback at public meetings and in the written responses, the South Wales Programme re-examined and then adjusted the flow data for A&E and paediatrics, for those people who would arrive by car only, based on the choices they might make.
Mr Donaldson, who gave evidence to the Smithwick Tribunal - investigating alleged Garda collusion in the murders of two RUC officers in 1989 - earlier this month, wants the killing to be re-examined after new information was given by the former British agent.
The Government's controversial NHS reforms are to be re-examined after the Health Secretary admitted some groups had "genuine concerns" about the plans, including the speed of the changes.
1, 2011, will require the current passing score to be re-examined.
A PROPOSAL to look into developing an area school on Anglesey will be re-examined by the council's executive today.
In an interview with Focus news agency, Tonchev said that the Tourism Act has to be re-examined and re-evaluated, and the long-term strategy for tourism development has to be re-assessed, if the sector's grey economy is to be successfully tackled and controlled.
Since then, Mr Richards and his legal team have been working to have the case re-examined, using obscure case law last used 40 years ago.
More than 3,600 participants age 49 and older were examined between 1992 and 1994; 2,335 patients were re-examined after five years; and 1,952 after 10 years.
The IOC and the World Anti-Doping Agency will work together to determine how many of the 4,770 samples given during the Olympic Games should be re-examined.
Researchers examined 3,654 people, age 49 and older, of whom 1,952 were re-examined 10 years later.
The city's astonishing Deco legacy, more sultry than its European counterparts and liberally spiced up with Afro-Cuban elements, is re-examined in Havana Deco, Alejandro G.
THE murder of a 10-year-old boy 35 years ago is to be re-examined by a specialist police team.
Mr Capponi has, where necessary, gone back to archival sources and re-examined inherited views and interpretations to give us a first-rate history of the battle.