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question after cross-examination by opposing counsel

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Since 2005, the number of re-examinations has gone steadily up," Wright says.
Three re-examinations followed the baseline visit, as well as annual telephone interviews and active surveillance of hospitalisations and death.
These factors brought many Jews, Christians, and Muslims into closer contact with each other than had been true in the past, leading to creative re-examinations and in some cases blurring of religious identities.
The prior art cited in the re-examinations was unsuccessful in invalidating the patents, the company said.
She said they hope to complete the re-examinations by March.
It is also no surprise that we are seeing re-examinations of what really constitutes a board's fiduciary obligation.
More illuminating to historians who do not read widely in languages other than English, are his re-examinations of the French civil war known as the Fronde, where he shows how events can be written out of history when they do not suit those creating a political identity, and the Neapolitan uprising of 1647-48 that has been marginalized simply because the focus of European history in the period has made it so.
This announcement followed re-examinations and continued rejections of claims of certain Netlist patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office, and a continuance until 2012 of the stay of the Netlist lawsuit against Inphi.
In general, inter-partes re-examinations are very thorough and only rarely allow all claims to be reissued without change.
Two re-examinations were initiated by third parties in 2005 in an attempt to invalidate the Cabilly II patent claims.
Another incident like the Christmas Day near-miss will cause more re-examinations of a system still far from foolproof.
Irvine's analysis of" fugitive" poems, for example, which he defines as uncollected poetry in periodicals or unpublished poems in archives, effectively illustrates the directions that these poets pursued in the early stages of their careers and will serve as a launching point for re-examinations of their bodies of work; the book historian might wish that the discussion had confined itself to the realities of publishing.
revise rights and requirements related to damages, post-grant procedures, citations of prior art, inter-partes re-examinations, the regulatory authority of the PTO, and preissuance submissions by third parties, venue, and jurisdiction.
The first is by Zajac, Gross and Hayne, (119) who undertook an analysis of the transcripts of 18 examinations-in-chief and re-examinations as well as 21 cross-examinations involving child complainants between the ages of 5 and 13 years in order to compare the questioning styles of defence lawyers and prosecutors.