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question after cross-examination by opposing counsel

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Despite these contentions, the re-examination team commissioned by the National Elections Commission proceeded with the re-examination of the raw data, observing that the NEC staff, who did the entry of the data from the tally sheet increased Mr.
Biotage then filed requests with the USPTO for re-examination of all patent claims in the Patents.
Moreover, ex parte re-examination isn't as cheap as it used to be.
The USPTO affirmed these claims over all the prior art considered during the '745 patent re-examination.
We skipped the hydraulic pressure tests during re-examination because none of the repaired pipes had failed to pass such tests and because tougher ultrasonic flaw inspections had been conducted,'' the spokesperson said.
The inter partes re-examination lets any person request that the USPTO reexamine a patent.
If the vehicle is brought back to the same testing station by the end of the next working day for one or more of the following items only, a partial re-examination is again required and this is also free: bonnet, boot-lid, brake pedal anti-slip, direction indicators, doors, dropsides, fuel filler cap, hazard warning, horn, lamps, loading door, mirrors, rear reflectors, registration plates, seat belts, seats, sharp edges or projections, steering wheel, tailboard, tailgate, vehicle identification number, windscreen and glass, windscreen wipers/washers, wheels.
In July FTCR and the Public Patent Foundation filed a request for re-examination and charged that WARF was hindering stem cell research in the United States and driving some efforts overseas.
pdf), raises a number of reasons why the same-sex 'marriage' law needs re-examination.
There might otherwise have been a marvellous combination of nature and artifice that would certainly have prompted a re-examination of our ideas about image.
The team's findings call for a re-examination of whether mantle plumes caused other volcanoes that are far from tectonic-plate boundaries, says Marcia K.
The EU does, however, require ongoing studies of deca-BDE and states that new evidence could lead to a re-examination of this decision.
Campana's article takes this careful planning and attention to the re-examination of college students' role in the process even further.
Police investigating the 20-year-old unsolved murder of a young boy were launching a three-day re-examination of the case today.