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Lack of transportation has been identified as a significant hurdle for many individuals looking to re-enter society in Arizona.
Ram, a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler, is planning to re-enter the mid-size truck segment.
During the closure, motorists can enter westbound Beltline, take the Northwest Expressway exit, cross under the highway and re-enter eastbound Beltline.
to impersonate him in front of the residency officer and help him re-enter the country.
China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited (Nasdaq:CNTF) (TechFaith) announced yesterday it will re-enter the Japanese market in the fourth quarter of 2011.
The latest reports suggest the satellite will not be over North America when it re-enters the atmosphere on Friday evening but NASA claims it is too early to say exactly when UARS will re-enter and what geographic area may be affected.
25 March 2011 - Swedish Saab Automobile, owned by Dutch sports-car maker Spyker Cars (AMS: SPYKR), unveiled today a contract with China Automobile Trading Co Ltd (CATC) for import of Saab vehicles in a move to re-enter the Chinese market.
Chief executive Brian Souter said: "We operated a successful bus business in London for several years and are pleased to re-enter the London bus market at what we consider to be an attractive price.
Richard Todwong, told Sudan Tribune that an attempt to re-enter Uganda via Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) from the LRA's base in Central African Republic (CAR) could undermine the Southern Sudan's quest for independence.
Without this financial assistance, many nurses are unable to re-enter the workforce and upgrade their areas of know ledge and skills, even if they want to.
Students don't need permission to use the restroom and when they re-enter the class, they don't necessarily lock the door behind them.
Kass, senior vice president at Sentinel, said: "Applebriar Apartments affords us the opportunity to re-enter the suburban Boston market with a property that offers a great location and easy access.
A FIREMAN told how a man accused of murdering his father with a hammer and a hurley tried to re-enter the scene.
The egress track works like a flutter valve out of the joint so the fluid cannot re-enter it.
During the fight, Gamage managed to get the young man outside the house, but when Gamage tried to re-enter his house, the scuffle renewed.