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  • re-appoint
  • re-select
  • pick again
  • choose again
  • vote in again
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BEIRUT: Lebanon's Hizbullah announced on Thursday that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has been re-elected as the Shiite Muslim group's leader for a sixth term.AaA Hizbullah statement did not say when the group's top officials voted to re-elect Nasrallah, who has held the post since an Israeli helicopter gunship killed his predecessor, Sheikh Abbas Mousawi.
Summary: Lebanon's parliament Thursday re-elected Nabih Berri as Speaker for the next four years
Stockholders voted to re-elect W Douglas Parker and Bruce R Lakefield to three-year terms on the board of directors.
PBG shareholders also voted to re-elect Linda Alvarado, Barry Beracha, John Compton, Eric Foss, Ira Hall, Susan Kronick, Blythe McGarvie, John Quelch and Javier Teruel to the board.
When four Republicans opposed former Representative Stacey Reece, Richardson's choice for chair of the state Department of Transportation board, and voted to re-elect Mike Evans, they were stripped of their committee assignments.
Sadly for him, the brutal truth is that the Liberal Democrats were more likely to re-elect Gladstone than take a punt on Hemming.
Russia's ITAR-TASS news agency explained the anomaly later that day: the abstainers really want to re-elect the current president, ex-Communist Arnold Ruutel, but Ruutel had previously promised to stand for re-election only if the Riigikogu couldn't agree on a leader.
That amendment has been passed, and critics say the Project's next goal is to re-elect Gov.
First, voters in Blaenau Gwent, south Wales, failed to re-elect Labour in one of its former strongholds, then the Tories almost lost Bromley and Chislehurst to the Liberal Democrats, previously safe Conservative territory.
They should be ashamed of themselves, and we should be ashamed of ourselves if we re-elect them.
At press time, polls indicated that 70% of those planning to vote would re-elect Uribe.
The state voted overwhelmingly to re-elect President Bush in 2004 and has not sent a Democrat to the U.S.
Or there is another, perhaps more radical, alternative: given that Canadian politics has been reduced to an episode of Desperate Housewives; given that the electorate apparently detests elections anyway; and given that voters invariably re-elect the same poltroons, why not acknowledge reality and abolish elections?
In addition, a national exit poll conducted by CNN showed that 63 percent of American gun owners voted to re-elect President Bush, while just 36 percent voted for John Kerry.