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to occupy or take again

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Hamilton replied: "I think that's the wrong call, but I'm coming in." As such Rosberg re-claimed the lead of the race before sealing his fourth victory of the season with a 1.9-second winning margin over his team-mate.
Just as advocates of a shared community argue that neo-liberalism has seen the erosion of the 'public', discussions of how these spaces can be re-claimed for pedagogical purposes are emerging.
and 52 countries - places like Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, and Denmark among many other nations - have re-claimed a discarded hubcap.
Hadi, who resigned after the Houthis seized the presidential palace, has since re-claimed the presidency and is seeking to set up a rival power centre in the south with loyalist army units and tribes.
In other words, Kenton's Councillors' in their own way, by working with community groups, have re-claimed the Government's 'Big Society',' which Mr Cameron seems to have abandoned.
Sometimes people forget that this musical city that never sleeps is an island re-claimed from swampland and at any given point it is eight to ten feet below sea level protected from the gulf by its massive levies.
Molten shards of HD glass scuttled across the re-claimed oak floors and they hardly got through the entryway before it was consumed by a curtain of fire.
It's quite kitsch, I like floral fabrics and I've made all the cushions in mixed floral cottons and plan to recover some re-claimed some old dining chairs in a quirky Japanese linen fabric.
Steel elements in the building are either re-claimed and re-purposed, or have high-recycled content.
A note to the accounts says the amount was "calculated on an agreed formula as a percentage of the giving throughout the year, excluding the re-claimed tax".
From the re-start a misunderstanding among the RGC team led to the ball being re-claimed by the hosts, and a couple of moments later man of the match Tom Hughes found himself in the sin-bin when he made his only mistake of the game as he was adjudged to have deliberately knocked a pass down.
In 2009 the village of Grewelthorpe in North Yorkshire saw its Methodist and Anglican churches merge and, now that the former Chapel is being renovated as a village hall, its organ pipes have been re-claimed to make sculptural pieces for the church.
HANDCRAFTED ARTISANAL DESIGNS AND THE USE OF RE-claimed, recycled and sustainable resources were two prominent themes at the winter edition of NY Now.
There was a course a mixture of funny answers, a hint of sadness, a big pile of relief that the house was going to be re-claimed and that normality was going to be returned (in one Tweet I said that I was going to celebrate with lots of cake, and in another I might have mentioned alcohol).