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take on again, as after a time lapse

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Rather, it is a historical opportunity for Pakistan to re-assert and re-assume for itself, the role; it had in its pre 1980 history.
He will also re-assume the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of GGCP, GAMCO s controlling shareholder.
In this context I would like to underline importance of the decision of Belarus to re-assume Chairmanship of CIS.
And while Scotland boss Gordon Strachan is yet to confirm whether the 30-year-old will play in tonight's friendly in Warsaw or re-assume the captaincy from Scott Brown, Bannan is delighted he's back.
Dodds succeeds Ernst-Jan van Rooijen, acting CEO, who will now re-assume his role as CFO of the company.
Rather it is a failing, quaking, fearful state attempting desperately to re-assume its lost powers.
Even so, these categories of daughters are considerably different from the third category of daughters who are married women in their respective husband's communities but re-assume the category of daughters upon their return to their natal communities for specific religio-cultural functions.
Former ruling GERB party nominated former speaker Tsetska Tsacheva to re-assume the position, but she failed to get the support of other parliamentary parties.
Apparently, Morsi-led Egypt is rushing to re-assume its traditional regional big brother role and reach a favorable rapprochement with Iran despite reactions.
The Tatmadaw seemed to try to re-assume democracy in the 27 May 1990 election.
The third point is that Egypt will re-assume its historical role as the center of political gravity in the Arab world, and that its government -- reflecting the values and convictions of the Egyptian people -- will take the global lead in mobilizing Arabs and Muslim in defense of Palestinian rights.
Now, attention must be paid to the concerns of the public, which is seeking dignity, while leaving behind roles that have become too difficult to re-assume, since concepts, and developments, have changed on the ground.
MP Jamal Al-Jarrah, in Al-Biqaa, said "this coup project is sure to fail and Al-Hariri shall re-assume his duty as head of government.