razor clam

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marine clam having a long narrow curved thin shell

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2016) in which the reproductive cycle of the razor clam S.
Dr Mahar said that Razor clam is harvested from Indus deltaic area for about last 10 years, since that coastal communities of the creek areas are engaged in its harvesting using traditional technique of using salt and probing with thin sticks for hauling razor clams from burrows during low tide.
Alan Forbes, spokesman for industry group the Razor Clam Fishermen's Forum, said: "Trials have been done in other parts of the UK and EU on the techniques with extremely positive results.
based firm's products are Alaska razor clams, which can only be harvested from mid-May through mid-August.
9, 1998--The Washington Department of Health and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife jointly announced today that the proposed razor clam season has been postponed due to elevated levels of a marine toxin called domoic acid, which causes Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning in people and Domoic Acid Poisoning in animals.
CONCERNS have been raised that razor clam beds, which were shut by the Welsh Government due to over-harvesting, are still being used.
CONCERNS have been raised that razor clam beds shut by the Welsh Government due to over harvesting are still being used.
Dishes include razor clam with almond and celeriac, raw beef with nasturtium and basil, and winter salad.
ABSTRACT In Sasebo Bay, northwestern Kyushu, Japan, the population of the razor clam Solen gordonis inhabits a coarse sandy substratum at 5- to 20-m water depths.
Room after room of incredible designs, from the mindblowing - gowns made from razor clam shells and gold-painted goose feathers, to the macabre - models trapped inside a mirrored padded cell in a re-staging of McQueen's VOSS asylum show from 2001 - it was unlike any other exhibition I have been to.
Officials say a restriction in Clatsop County has been lifted, so the entire Oregon Coast is now open for razor clam harvesting.
The day razor clam season opens in the fall, my wife and I and a couple of friends drive nearly three hours to Copalis Beach on the Washington coast to dig our own.
Washington, November 23 (ANI): Scientists have been inspired by the razor clam to design a robotic lightweight anchor that can dig itself in mudflats to hold small underwater submersibles.
What I'll do is take a fistful of sand and observe the little that's left in my hand after almost all of it has run through the interstices between my fingers; I'll observe a few grains, then each grain, and not one of those grains will still seem a small thing; soon the form of the shell, this oyster shell or this miter shell, this razor clam, will impress me as an enormous monument, colossal and yet exquisite, something like the temple at Angkor, Saint-Maclou,(*) or the Pyramids, but much more mysterious than these all too incontestable human products.