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Aided by the remaining fragment, I guessed the rest; measuring the length of the lines by those of the paper, and divining the hidden meaning by means of what was in part revealed, as we are guided in a cavern by the small ray of light above us."
'"It has been ascertained beyond the possibility of doubt, that she cannot see a ray of light, cannot hear the least sound, and never exercises her sense of smell, if she have any.
Once in a while, the reflection of a wandering ray of light in the dull water disclosed a succession of ditches regularly arranged, and, by one last gleam, the eye could make out the calm and sombre forms of palm-trees, sycamores, and gigantic euphorbiae.
A feeble ray of light shone into the cavern through some chink, and when I had the courage to look about me I could see that I was in a vast vault, bestrewn with bones and bodies of the dead.
D'Artagnan remained for a moment motionless, asking himself where he could be; but soon a ray of light which penetrated through the chamber, together with the warm and perfumed air which reached him from the same aperture, the conversation of two of three ladies in language at once respectful and refined, and the word "Majesty" several times repeated, indicated clearly that he was in a closet attached to the queen's apartment.
Hour after hour she sat in the dusky room, with one ray of light on her book, reading to the boy, who lay with shaded eyes silently enjoying the only pleasure that lightened the weary days.
Why, I expected to be ready for college by that time." And, pushing up the shade, Mac stared at her with startled eyes, that soon blinked and fell before the one ray of light.
If a ray of light alone can give us hope, then illuminated "light upon light" is tantamount to be blessed by the unyielding spirit, full of knowledge, dreams without fear - a chance to live a life with endless possibilities.
The candle stub's extinguished--the last ray of light.
A Midland accountancy firm is offering a ray of light to a charity that distributes solar cookers to refugees in Africa.
The index is a ray of light after other key confidence indicators pointed to darkening economic prospect for Germany.
Just as a ray of light is most meaningful after an extended period of darkness, CoValence's Ray of Light puts the reverse on years of skin care neglect.
It's a shame, because everything here is set up for an illuminating success, but in truth the heavy control mechanism makes this platformer a bit more of an iPhone fumble in the dark than a riproaring ray of light.
Stiles and Crawford (1) discovered this retinal directional sensitivity, where the efficiency or brightness of the ray of light depends on the part of the pupil through which it is incident.
A DEEP sea diverwho died in a car crash will be remembered by his family as a "ray of light".