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Synonyms for rawness

lack of experience and the knowledge gained from it

Synonyms for rawness

a chilly dampness

the state of being crude and incomplete and imperfect

a pain that is felt (as when the area is touched)

lack of experience and the knowledge and understanding derived from experience


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We Are Animal maintain a rawness and urgency that can be lost when ideas are mulled over for too long.
Their fierce descriptions capture the rawness of life at sea.
What is special about The Rise of a Nation is that the images were captured by working news photographers, and the rawness and immediacy of their work make this book a unique ringside seat on the UAE's history as it happened.
The rawness of the suq is what made it so amazing to me when I visited it.
CLARE MAGUIRE Ain't Nobody This 22-year-old is from Birmingham and there's a rawness to her voice that evokes a free spirit like Stevie Nicks.
I like the gap between blueprint and building or single-cell organisms and the highly evolved natural world and I enjoy the rawness of construction and the form of exposed lines.
The Valamanesh gestalt re-immerses us in the primeval rawness of form and function and, in doing so, the artist succeeds in visualising what many of her contemporaries have avoided--the symbiosis between art and science.
National parks like this give us a place to experience America's rawness, just like it used to be.
Now, as well as having to cope with the rawness of their grief, this young couple are left with massive money worries.
Such was Heath's commitment to the truth of our story and to the rawness and depth of his portrayal.
Skateboarding needs rawness, pureness, and fun to keep it in check as the skate market keeps growing and the non-skateboarding business dicks that don't understand skateboarding get into our markets.
And that beauty and rawness was the joy people got from him.
I like Billy the Kid for the rawness of it because that's the way I play.
I visit the cemetery often but have difficulty with the rawness of my father's grave.