raw sienna

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a yellowish-brown pigment made from untreated sienna

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With a mix of Hookers green and raw sienna I put the brush on the canvas and flicked upwards to create blades of grass - a simple process but effective.
Genesis Artist Colors stay wet indefinitely until heated and now have 83 colors available, including five new colors: Mars Black, Genesis Yellow, Raw Sienna, Genesis Metallic Silver and Genesis Metallic Gold.
The kitchen units I painted off-white first, then made them look old with a glaze mixed with raw sienna and burnt umber.
All you need is some transparent glaze, some raw sienna and burnt umber acrylic paints - plus some copper leaf for added glitter.
Mix 1/2 pint white paint with 1 tablespoon raw sienna acrylic.
Using my 11/2ins flat brush I dampen the sky area and drop in some raw sienna, especially at the bottom left hand side.