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Synonyms for ravishment

a feeling of delight at being filled with wonder and enchantment


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the crime of forcing a woman to submit to sexual intercourse against her will

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Night becomes hell, shame, sin, chaos, blame, bawdiness, defamation, death, treason, conspiracy treason and ravishment. This apostrophe of something absent made present is a way to express her grief after this trauma to her body, soul, mind.
Thus, when Tasso writes, "Dee dunque ancora lepopeia aver il suo proprio diletto con la sua propria operazione; e questa per aventura e il mover maraviglia" (Therefore the epic should have its own proper delight and its own effects, and this is perhaps inducing meraviglia), he establishes the supremacy of epic by citing the superiority of its unique and unorthodox ends: not instruction, but ravishment (72).
(46) The earliest English common-law system assumed this justification through the writs of ravishment and abduction, which "allowed the wife to be listed as one of the husband's chattels.
Although Emerson goes on to link religious sentiment to various forms of religious enthusiasms and "ravishment," he adds an important qualification.
one cannot enter into oneself to delight in the Lord except by means of the mediation of Christ who says: I am the door." (63) The Incarnation is the door that opens in to the contemplation of the Trinity, on seeing which the mind can only be assumed into the excessus, the "ravishment" or "transport" of the soul beyond itself to unknowing union with God.
Bridge"; until then, I expect this Patricia Highsmith adaptation to offer cinematic ravishment of the highest order.
If Hero and Leander is, as critics deduce, a poem in which "Marlowe tries to portray what it feels like to experience this opposition" between power and imagination, or the contrary meanings of "might," the ending, in which the boy who has just escaped ravishment becomes the ravisher, shows how hard the writer found it to separate his hypothetical imaginary "might" from the imagination of material "might" itself.
But the emotional invasiveness of his fearmongering rhetoric is unquestionably construed as a form of psychological ravishment designed to ensure that she and he "will be joined together hereafter in eternal bliss" (171).
To explore the implications of this twist further, I turn to a text whose writing of feminine ravishment has generated endless debates between feminists and psychoanalysts: Marguerite Duras's 1964 novel Vie Ravishing of Lol Stein.
ravishment is brutal and terrifying, but God's wanton seed produces
In a nutshell, it is a time of rapture and ravishment provoked by man's "civilizatory" intentions that could only make the world a better place.
But this short prose piece so quietly builds its case for her ravishment of Nature that we are almost at a loss to trace the breathless acceleration of her powers toward the climactic sentence.
We recall a similar attempt at variety in the song of the bird, the high and low movement from the "shrill peale" to the "graver Noat," but there it leads to an ultimate ravishment and ecstasy, a placing of the singer beyond reason and control, emotionally "Above her selfe." Here, such variation confirms the greater control the human figure offers.
he is always looking back toward the Middle Ages." A remark by Nietzsche four years later, recorded by Arthur Egidi, another musical friend, dismissed Bach, and Goethe's ravishment by Bach, coolly and curtly and for good: "Goethe, as is known, said to Mendelssohn on hearing Bach's music: 'This sounds as if before the beginning of creation the eternal harmony in God's bosom were conversing with itself.' Nietzsche, however, concluded: 'So Bach is still not a world."' That is a hard standard to meet.
India benignly offers up her riches, thereby precluding the possibility of ravishment and colonial plunder at the hands of conquistadors and merchants.