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Synonyms for ravishing

Synonyms for ravishing

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stunningly beautiful

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Multi-faceted Huw Watkins matched his skill as composer with pianism of staggering virtuosity, notably when paired with outstanding violinist Tamsin Waley-Cohen in a recital that included Lloyd Moore's haunting Three Part Invention and the ravishing Like the Touch of a Sea Wave by the Lithuanian Osvaldas Balakauskas.
ROMANCE With George REARLY RAVISHING Elisabetta in a tiny bikini COVER UP Elisabetta's old Eminem tattoo WOW Ina strapless dress RED HOT Elisabetta shows off her bodywork
Musicians perform Leonard Bernstein's ravishing score; dancers perform Robbins' ravishing choreography; audiences get a taste of an iconic show.
You're gorgeous, ravishing, rebellious and tattooed,'' said Peter Morgan, who wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay for ``The Queen.
In the tomb chamber, the white marble dados and the cenotaphs of Shah Jahan and his wife are covered in pietra dura flowers of blue lapis lazuli, red jasper, greenish jade and quartz, yellow marble and many other coloured stones to create ravishing friezes of flowers.
The Tour: Take a ride on automatic trolleys to explore storage caves built two millennia ago by the Romans, then sip bubbly in the ravishing salons (often booked for commitment ceremonies).
Yet the most modest images here are perhaps even more evocative of Brodsky than the preternaturally ravishing ones, suggesting not just the poetry of the world but also the transitory nature of our contact with it.
Many rise from the spirit and ravishing beauty of the continent, while others reflect the tenacity of those determined to craft something seemingly out of nothing.
and ravishing in red, these little beauty lovelies are sure to turn heads.
The 20-year-old actress-turned- singer looked ravishing in a pale pink dress by Christian Dior.
Shakespeare's history plays further investigate the ravishing power of literary production, but the creative feminized theatrical energy in his plays derives, Eggert argues, from a dramatic production of the linear progress of history.
Many of the principals reoppose each other after running over the course and distance last week, including Ravishing (second), Shirley Not (fourth), Soba Jones (fifth), Diamond Geezer (ninth) and Sir Sandrovitch (11th).
The Ravishing Rococo Girls pounced on unsuspecting people and offered them the chance to relax on a velvet sofa concealed beneath their dresses.
This is that marvellous company of spirited Argentinian tango dancers, gifted men and women who encapsulate in two ravishing hours all the macho excitement of that astonishing dance which makes lonely modern disco shuffling look faintly ludicrous, like the first steps of infants.
All of a sudden the Blessed Virgin appeared beautiful to me, so beautiful that never had I seen anything so attractive; her face was suffused with an ineffable benevolence and tenderness, but what penetrated to the very depths of my soul was the ravishing smile of the Blessed Virgin.