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WRINKLY rocker Nicholas Uglow drove neighbours up the wall by holding all-night rave-ups and blasting out music - on an OLD FOLK'S complex.
Remember the original Liverpool rave-ups at Quadrant Park, the Buzz, thePleasuredome?
This lovely retro-pop agglomeration has continually expanded its sonic repertoire, embracing big, horn-laden, Fabulon tinged rave-ups as ably as assimilating Merseyside jingle-jangle, prime evidence their remarkable 2000 release The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone.
Ke$ha is a brat in a girl's world, unleashing user-friendly disco rave-ups and straight-talking, take-no-prisoners attacks - as on Backstabber.
Produced by George Drakoulias (Tom Petty, Black Crowes), the disc is rowdier than Miller's 2002 poppy ``The Instigator,'' but the rave-ups seem a tad forced, lacking the firepower that the band would bring to the music.
She found that in Leah Stargazing, whose infectious debut, Leave It All Behind (Telescope Records), is characterized by a lean, guitar-driven sound that embodies the rowdy energy of punk with sharp musicianship--as evidenced by such bite-size, pop-sweetened rave-ups as "Three Days Too Long" and "Stick Around.
Brit underground legends like The Pretty Things, The Poets, and The Downliners Sect deliver savage R&B rave-ups while One- and no-hit wonders like The Action, The Mickey Finn, and Kaleidoscope render delicate, tinkly psychedelic pastiches.
And Merritt sings the holy ghost out of rave-ups like ``Late Night Pilgrim'' and ``Shadow in the Way,'' while turning the yearning ``Good Hearted Man'' into what, in a righteous world, should be the anthem of the year.
But then he undercut this suggestion by blabbing about Bobita's active sex life before she met him and the way she boasted to him of how she would dupe her parents by changing out of her demure clothes into party clothes and sneaking out to rave-ups without their permission.
Although the Med hot spots are famous for their rave-ups, they also have lovely quiet havens of peace and calm.
There are lullabies and rave-ups, music with a social conscious and ditties about picking your nose.
But they will have to do better than this pureed collection of sweet nothings, cringe inducing raps, arthritic rave-ups, excruciating soft rock guitar anthems and some of the worst singing you'll hear on a major album this year.