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distributed equitably in limited individual portions

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The support for bread and rationed goods in the current fiscal year (FY) is approximately EGP 37bn, said Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Khaled Hanafy in statement Monday.
Some degree of rationing on at least one of the nursing care activities was reported by almost all of the respondents (98%) and most (97%) rationed multiple activities.
rationed health care by race as hospitals relocated some or all of their
These are rationed, usually by being made available to all citizens.
In 1940, bacon, butter and sugar were rationed. This was followed by meat, tea, jam, biscuits, breakfast cereals, cheese, eggs, lard, milk, canned and dried fruit, and bread.
All of these would become strictly rationed and in some cases, like bananas, would be completely unavailable.
We argued that our health care system always had rationed care based on price and ability to pay and that these mechanisms, together with the indirect effects of several cost containment policies (e.g., certificate-of-need regulation and chronically low Medicaid payment rates to providers), had conspired to limit access to care for vulnerable segments of the population.
Throughout the Second World War food had been rationed in Britain.
Care rationing data is collected at the end of each shift and is based on the practitioner's assessment of whether any aspect of care was rationed during their shift.
Aaron and Schwartz (1984) argue that treatments for widespread but low-visibility diseases, for e.g., mental health or geriatric disease, are more likely to be rationed. The individuals, who are most often cited in the literature as particularly affected by implicit rationing decision and consequently seem to be the most vulnerable, are those who have been classified under certain groups of population, in a rather arbitrary way.