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Synonyms for rationalization

a statement of causes or motives

Synonyms for rationalization

the cognitive process of making something seem consistent with or based on reason

(psychiatry) a defense mechanism by which your true motivation is concealed by explaining your actions and feelings in a way that is not threatening

(mathematics) the simplification of an expression or equation by eliminating radicals without changing the value of the expression or the roots of the equation

the organization of a business according to scientific principles of management in order to increase efficiency

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He said the protest of the teachers against rationalization is unjust as this has been done in the best interest of the department and on merit.
There are, however, few, if any, studies concerning the post-World War II economy where the positive impact aspect of trade associations in general or certain trade associations in particular have been the focus, particularly their role in development and rationalization.
The rationalization process identifies the performance of every SKU in the portfolio.
As part of the Enterprise Portal Rationalization approach, Enterpulse uses proven data collection tools, targeted facilitated sessions, and a wealth of industry and product knowledge.
Effective rationalization requires thorough planning and analysis.
NTT divulged a rationalization plan in November 1999 four months after the telecom behemoth was broken up into two local call firms and one international and long distance-call carrier under the umbrella of a holding company.
I am especially indebted to the thought of Emanuel Levinas (among others) who has exposed for me the nature of theological reflection as it is done even in the radical context of post-Shoah theologies: all explanations are rationalizations after the act.
Some investigators believe a strong moral code can prevent individuals from using rationalization to justify illicit behavior.
I have been able to identify several fractured rationalizations for drug abuse and to draw up a strategic approach to drug counseling.
The danger of this rationalization is ``that we are giving license not only to Clinton's corruption but possibly to our own as well,'' Bennett writes.
There will be continuing rationalization of suppliers, which will be halved 10 years from now.
Working from the Marxian premise that the rationalization of life under capitalism leads to the commodification of human beings, alienation, and self-fragmentation, Lukacs used the concept of "reification" to repudiate various modernist styles that arose in response to these conditions without, in his terms, "realistically" critiquing them.
In this culture, the suzerainty of self sanctions the rationalization of one's own happiness, rather than service to others, as the summum bonum.
This may account for the rationalization, "It's all right to dip into the till at work because all my friends are doing it.
Marie and Thunder Bay, where two or more hospitals exist, a rationalization of services has been implemented.