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Synonyms for rationality

what is sound or reasonable

exact, valid, and rational reasoning

Synonyms for rationality

the state of having good sense and sound judgment

the quality of being consistent with or based on logic

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The lack of reciprocity between the inclusive and exclusive uses of rationality becomes clear when one considers a third lesson one can draw from how Moreno was decided: that while rationality can effectively constrain legislative discretion, it cannot effectively constrain judicial discretion.
The claim that Smith's work constitutes empirical support for Hayek's theoretical work runs up against an intriguing counterargument: Hayek's skepticism about the possibility of demonstrating the value of spontaneous order in controlled circumstances as expressed forcefully in the article, "Competition as a Discovery Procedure." (3) In Rationality and Economics, Smith documents and grapples with Hayek's skepticism but classifies Hayek's rejection as a failure to fully appreciate the early promise of an unfamiliar new field of economics.
Thin rationality review describes the law in action.
Rationality is often equated with practical rationality, or rationality in action: rational agents act or choose to act in ways that will advance their ends.
Applied rationality holds out the promise that self-mastery is possible, and that you can control how life unfolds.
Permissivism about rationality is the view that there is sometimes more than one rational response to a given body of evidence.
From the Center recommend that the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption takes into consideration the data from the index in rationality and confirms the cases of corruption, and the Public Procurement Bureau should initiate amendments in the law on public procurement in order to eliminate the concept for compulsory online auction to all tenders.
Evidence of Rationality in Akan Philosophical Thought: On the Notions of Rational Belief and Rational Action
A SCRIPTIONS OF IRRATIONALITY typically constitute a form of criticism, while ascriptions of rationality are a form of praise.
A new study led by Hyuncheol Bryant Kim, of Cornell University, found that education can be leveraged to help enhance an individual's economic decision-making quality or economic rationality.
First, it is BS identifier and filter; second, it is about symmetry and reciprocity, not inflicting on others the cost of your mistakes; third, keeping an eye on how much information should be shared with others; and fourth, it is about rationality and the test of time.
IANS New Delhi There is a"tremendous assault on reason and rationality"taking place in India today through a"rightward shift", where the Indian philosophy of ages is being"truncated to Hindu theology", CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury has said.
'Critiques based on anger, disappointment or hatred transcends the rationality of truth,' he said during his closing speech of the Malaysian Unit Trust Week (MSAM) at Stadium Batu Pahat today.
(1) Whether there are possible circumstances in which it is rational to be radically akratic is controversial: although many epistemologists vindicate a "non-akrasia constraint" on rationality, there have been some noteworthy defenses of the opposite view.