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Synonyms for rationality

what is sound or reasonable

exact, valid, and rational reasoning

Synonyms for rationality

the state of having good sense and sound judgment

the quality of being consistent with or based on logic

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The inspiration for integral human rationality came from two sources: Benedict XVI's encyclical Caritas in Veritate that emphasizes integral human development and Smith's works on constructivist and ecological rationalities, in which he calls for a deeper understanding of how the two rationalities work together, inform each other, and in combination (integration) serve to better explain human action and behavior.
David d'Avray's new book, Medieval Religious Rationalities: A Weberian Analysis, presents a "repertory of causal explanations to try out for size on concrete historical cases" (p.
Thurmaier and Willoughby (2001) point out that "Hartwig's use of Diesing's concepts of multiple rationalities has an intuitive appeal for budgeting as well" (77).
I examine this model of competing rationalities from a different perspective.
By extension, power is seen as the product of abstract political rationalities rather than of individuals and groups with coherent interests.
With his conception of 'multi-rationality', Sjostrand claims that there are several 'rationalities' related to various rationales.
Said differently, these chapters invite us to think, theorize, and develop research streams that recognize plural rationalities embedded in complex social relationships and social context.
Foucault's analysis of La Tentation represents, in many ways, the experience of a modern library search; the uniting of texts through the creation of rationalities that are not the province of a universal order that is the ultimate goal of a positivist approach.
They recognise the non-instrumental elements in their decision-making for what they are in their awareness (shown clearly in the above quotes) that there may be contradictions between different rationalities which need to be taken into consideration in arriving at a pricing decision.
In order to reestablish a genuinely multidimensional analysis of sustainable development, we must consider where we should place economic and ecological rationalities.
Some critics have celebrated the advent of an era of "generalized communication" in the belief that new technologies will open up a multiplicity of "local rationalities," a multicultural world in which ethnic, sexual, religious, and other minorities would all have voices.
Hence our conceptual schemes, our sciences, our rationalities, and our ethical beliefs all lack the absolute, objective grounding that the traditional philosophical project hoped to provide.
The author distinguishes two features of the encounter between rationalities: a postulate, and a problem.
Hence, the lecture is concluded by two claims: on the 'plurality of rationalities' and on the need for an 'empirical test of theories'.
This is probably why, as a reaction to 'western rationality', people began to speak of many 'rationalities', a claim propounded by postmodernists.