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(philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge is acquired by reason without resort to experience

the theological doctrine that human reason rather than divine revelation establishes religious truth

the doctrine that reason is the right basis for regulating conduct

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In its report to the government, the Karnataka CID had said that all the three rationalists might have been killed by the same group.
Levy offers the conftict br,tween rationalist and pluralist versions of liberalism as a lens through which to view current debates over "multiculturalism, religious freedom, freedom of associations, universities, and local governments," inviting us to see these not merely as an assortment of "discrete odd problems," but rather as the "deep and perennial problems" of the liberal tradition.
In keeping with the aim of attending to lesser studied aspects of the thought of individual rationalists, the volume includes two essays devoted to Descartes' ethical thought.
Ir is the second thesis which provides the distinctively rationalist element to weak rationalism.
Mahoney and Lyddon (1988), for example, point out that rationalists conceptualize the therapeutic relationship as involving "the service or delivery of direct guidance and technical instruction" (p.
For most serious rationalists, religion is a weakness of the brain.
Sachdev Virdee, treasurer of the Birmingham branch of the Asian Rationalist Society, said: "Prof Nayak will aim to show people that there is a scientific reason behind these so-called miracles that many vulnerable people fall for and spend money on.
I have found many rationalists and atheists rave against Mother Theresa.
The Home department issued the prosecution orders against the publishing house`s proprietor and the book's author who is the leader of the Rationalists.
Most Scottish empirical rationalists were describing processes, potentially accessible to all human groups, not static "natural" characteristics.
Rationalists must be reminded that miracles still occur in the lives of pilgrims.
The conference attracted nearly 50 young rationalists, some from as far away as Vancouver, British Columbia.
Beiser argues that the rationalists depended on this type of natural law theory, and also that the post-Restoration natural lawyers relied heavily on Aristotelian and scholastic assumptions.
He and other rationalists tried to prove that an ethical question could be answered with mathematical certainty.