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(philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge is acquired by reason without resort to experience

the theological doctrine that human reason rather than divine revelation establishes religious truth

the doctrine that reason is the right basis for regulating conduct

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The killers used guns to shoot at the rationalists.
Rationalist liberals such as Brian Barry condemn the pluralist approach as illiberal, since in their eyes liberalism historically and essentially stands for, in Levy's words, "equality before a uniform law and the abolition of group-based legal distinctions.
9) Crazy rationalists fail to add to our moral knowledge because their method is so unreliable.
Soon after, I founded a rationalist student organization and launched anti-superstition campaigns.
The volume also contains essays that advance our understanding of central, but poorly understood themes in individual rationalists.
But if believers today are so concerned with respect, this is perhaps less due to pusillanimity than because they take upon themselves the viewpoint of the rationalist, and see faith as a survival from earlier times that cannot confront the public light of reason, and that must be protected as part of their private lives.
Rationalists are irrational when they do not distinguish between Christians and Christianity, Islam and Muslims, Hinduism and Hindus.
The Confederation of Human Rights has called the decision `dangerous`, and the state committee of the Bharatiya Rationalists Association, has called for the government's Chief Minister to resign for breeching the constitution, reports the Khaleej Times.
Beiser argues that the rationalists depended on this type of natural law theory, and also that the post-Restoration natural lawyers relied heavily on Aristotelian and scholastic assumptions.
Atheists and rationalists rightfully demand that the religious don't try to force their particular beliefs down everyone's throats.
He and other rationalists tried to prove that an ethical question could be answered with mathematical certainty.
Raw, random luck has more to do with success, Sherwood seems to imply, than we 20th-century rationalists would like to admit.
The undaunted courage of India's rationalists -- few and far between -- coming out in a show of solidarity to condemn the killing of Narayan Dabholkar, an illustrious member of their fraternity, who was killed in the Indian city of Pune in Maharashtra last week, is one such hope.
Still, names do point toward certain proclivities; agnostics tend to temper their surety, rationalists focus on rational foundations for living, freethinkers tend to focus on the pernicious aspects of religion, and humanists embody the whole life stance that a naturalistic view demands.
The reduced numbers is largely to do with the sustained campaign by rationalists that there was no miracle in the fish medicine.