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a motive that can be defended by reasoning or logical argument

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Hypothesis 4: Neuroticism will be positively associated with rational motives and surface acting (e.g., attraction to policy making) but negatively related to deep acting (such as commitment to the public interest, compassion, and self-sacrifice).
(133.) Additionally, even though the Supreme Court declared that motive is not necessary for scienter to be adequately pled, courts do still consider motive a critical component in assessing whether a complaint adequately alleges scienter, and courts do not allow complaints without economically rational motives to survive.
On the contrary, "there may be rational conduct [such as profit-linked activities] even in the absence of rational motive [e.g., net income]" (Schumpeter, 1949, p.
Thus, a precise reconstruction of Kant's model of the will not only situates both good and evil within freedom, but has the further advantage of explaining why, even when the rational motive is theoretically "weaker" than the inclinations,(34) it can still take over and move the person, while they are kept outside.
There is clear evidence of no rational motive in taking the life of your wife.
Mr Pownall said: "The components I have described are unique and, although he may not have had a rational motive, you can be sure it was this defendant who shot Jill Dando."
"There was no rational motive for the case, as I said in evidence there was no connection between them."
There was no rational motive for what happened but it happened because of the glue addiction which he started when he was about 14.
Nelson testified that Brown "repeatedly said" that he knew he was shooting a gun and knew that he "killed a police officer." Nelson additionally acknowledged that Brown had "multiple rational motives for shooting a police officer that day." Boyd agreed that Brown was aware of the nature of his actions and that they constituted a capital offense.<br />The jury thus had before it evidence that Walker was acting in his official capacity, that Brown knew he was killing a police officer in the line of duty, that he understood killing Walker would necessarily prevent Walker from carrying out his official duties, and that he undertook that action voluntarily.
Numerous rational motives have been suggested to explain the puzzlingly low demand for annuities, including bequest motives, uncertain healthcare expenses, high annuity prices (due in part to adverse selection, the tendency of those with longer expected lives to purchase annuities at higher rates), the existence of means-tested government benefits such as Medicaid, and the level of mandatory annuitization through Social Security and some DB plans.
The invasion of Iraq had more complex and even less rational motives, but was equally driven by the mistaken belief that this was a very important place.
We have no apparent problem finding rational motives when states murder their own people, yet when faced with the much smaller number of terrorist murders, we seem unable and often unwilling even to contemplate rational motives.
He specialized in the theology of the Eastern Churches, American Protestant theology, and the rational motives for adherence to the faith and the Church.
Based on the theory of psychoanalysis, Dichter proposed that rational motives are merely a cover-up of unconscious, archaic motive complexes.
Attributing rational motives to North Korea's leadership may be a fundamental mistake, but there does appear to be a coherent strategy behind the escalation of nuclear threats coming from Kim Jong Il's regime.