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Synonyms for rational

Synonyms for rational

able to reason validly

mentally healthy

consistent with reason and intellect

Synonyms for rational

an integer or a fraction

consistent with or based on or using reason

of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind

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capable of being expressed as a quotient of integers


having its source in or being guided by the intellect (as distinguished from experience or emotion)

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"That the standard of culture is falling, and that with our present relations to the peasants there is no possibility of famling on a rational system to yield a profit--that's perfectly true," said he.
"I mix with all the neighboring landowners, who are cultivating their land on a rational system; they all, with rare exceptions, are doing so at a loss.
But excuse me for speaking plainly--the rational explanation is thrown away on me."
I don't believe in the rational explanation myself."
The spirit of clanship which was, at an early day, introduced into that kingdom, uniting the nobles and their dependants by ties equivalent to those of kindred, rendered the aristocracy a constant overmatch for the power of the monarch, till the incorporation with England subdued its fierce and ungovernable spirit, and reduced it within those rules of subordination which a more rational and more energetic system of civil polity had previously established in the latter kingdom.
It excited fresh pity in those who had heard him to see a man of apparently sound sense, and with rational views on every subject he discussed, so hopelessly wanting in all, when his wretched unlucky chivalry was in question.
Upon completing their cooking methods curriculum, the culinary students at Rolling Meadows High School, taught by 2015 Illinois ProStart Educator of the Year Kimmi Krupicka, visited the North American headquarters of RATIONAL.
The RATIONAL USA corporate chef team was delighted to welcome the students to their commercial kitchen.
The Black Country Chamber of Commerce has partnered with exchange experts, Rational FX, to provide a money saving foreign exchange service to chamber members.
Rational FX in Canary Wharf, will provide the unique foreign exchange service for members saving time, hassle and money.
(1) Whether there are possible circumstances in which it is rational to be radically akratic is controversial: although many epistemologists vindicate a "non-akrasia constraint" on rationality, there have been some noteworthy defenses of the opposite view.
(5) An attitude is propositionally rational for an agent if and only if the agent has sufficient evidence in support of that attitude.
The three major bases on which leadership is generally built are of charismatic, rational and traditional.
Why democracy, particularly where a viable local bodies system exists, is regarded as a good system of governance because it supports charismatic and rational bases of leadership and brings equilibrium to the social and political system of state.
The canonical account of rational basis review under the Equal