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Synonyms for ratiocinative

able to reason validly

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based on exact thinking

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To acknowledge that her death may have been linked to female sexual knowledge and agency would be to complicate the ratiocinative "reading" of the female body.
(1843), A System of Logic: Ratiocinative and Inductive.
Indeed, one might say that there are two possible ways out of Nietzsche (whom I see, tritely no doubt, as the most prone historical icon of the death of a meta-narrative, humanism): one being the abstract, ratiocinative prose of Beckett, where the patterns and the recursions, the vertiginous "technique" are the keystone of an almost Judaic art; the other, the way of empathy and concretion, being the highly expressive telltale mosaics of Miller.
My sense of responsibility for the Other must lead me away from discursive engagement, since such a ratiocinative process necessarily performs the function of adequation.
I meant only that some affective elements, elements of feeling or emotion, would disappear, leaving us more exclusively ratiocinative creatures than before (1980: 261).
He explained that neoliberalism governed populations through market imperatives, invoking and training them as ratiocinative liberal actors waiting for their inner creativity to be unlocked.
The heart has a significantly wider range of processes than the brain including ratiocinative activities.
Poe's life and writings continue to be a relevant reflection on American literary culture as well as its rejection, in their ambiguity towards evil and its correlate perversity, the fascination for ambivalent psychological abysses, the enthralment with the ratiocinative, and the appeal for scientific enquiry.
Skeptics noted the irony that Doyle, the creator of the renowned ratiocinative detective Sherlock Holmes, could fall for such fairy bunkum.
(26.) John Stuart Mill, A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1846).
In reality, though, far from being senile and immobile, the character is in full possession of all of her faculties, both physical and mental, and is thus a sort of Catalan Miss Marple reformulated along criminal lines, most importantly though--and here Solana introduces yet another twist to generic conventions--one whose success depends on action, not the sedentary ratiocinative process.
Better to imagine, surely, that the diverse elements of our (human and nonhuman) environments include all the ratiocinative or affective responses that we label as thoughts and feelings, rather than emanating from or existing somehow subject to them.