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Synonyms for ratiocinate

to use the powers of the mind, as in conceiving ideas, drawing inferences, and making judgments

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reason methodologically and logically

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The Igbo take it for granted that the individual is imbued with rationality and that this power to ratiocinate helps him or her to be able to discern (and choose) between good and evil.
The historical records of Egypt entailing a rational account of genealogy and temporal periods (before and after), ratiocinate human events in a regulated manner, just as law brings about stability for the polis.
I asked learned, erudite experts of the English faculty on their annotations for the ratiocinate anomalous polemics therein.
Mythopoetics, moreover, positioned themselves as outside of and opposed to "the oppressor," that bad tribe of hegemonic straight, white, middle-class masculine types who dominate, "objectify, calculate, ratiocinate, and go to one's head instead of to the body and/or heart where real wisdom resides." It is this latter tribe which is responsible for the "psychic and physical squalor" of "straight culture," mainstream values, and indeed modernity itself (p.