rate of respiration

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the rate at which a person inhales and exhales

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Above mentioned results depicted that increase in TSS was due to the increase in rate of respiration and hydrolysis of starch in cold chamber.
Overall conclusion: a duration of 15 minutes of CB exercise significantly decreased the rate of respiration, suggesting CB can be a useful tool to reduce fatigue, dyspnea, anxiety and short of breath caused pulmonary disorders.
While doing Pranayam, the skeletal muscles were relaxed and thus a closed continued voluntary control created over respiratory muscles and it may reduce the rate of respiration to a great deal.
Generally, SSC considered higher at higher storage temperature due to increased rate of respiration and accelerated metabolic process compared to lower temperature storage (Pal and Roy, 1988).
When warm nights provide a higher rate of respiration during the growing season, the likely outcome will be to have physiological maturity coincide more closely with carbohydrate production.
But if the temperature goes up, so does the rate of respiration, and oxygen extinction inside the plastic bag becomes a possibility.
Sequential addition of 3NP resulted in similar decline in the rate of respiration between the striatum and cerebellum in the young animals, whereas in older animals, similar concentration of 3NP more efficiently inhibits the mitochondrial respiration in the striatum than that of the cerebellum.
Exposure to such pesticides poses a particular threat to children due to their lower body weights, faster rate of respiration, and the fact that they're says Nancy Alderman, president of Environment and Human Health Inc., the nonprofit organization whose research influenced the bill.
can be compared with exp(-z/(p[Z.sub.m]) to indicate the effect of the concentration on the rate of respiration decrease with depth.
Patients should be encouraged to breathe through their nose, to use their diaphragm and abdomen, and to try to control their rate of respiration to around eight to 10 breaths per minute at rest.
Cutting the outer surface, or skin, of produce during processing exposes many more surfaces and accelerates the rate of respiration and therefore breakdown.
When the total rate of respiration outpaces the rate of photosynthesis, the ecosystem becomes a carbon source (i.e.
The rate of respiration is relatively higher at harvest followed shortly by a decrease, especially during storage, then followed by an increase once sprouting begins.
Holding seedlings with either 1- or 10-mm radicles in 0.5 or 0.6 M mannitol for 24 h did not significantly alter their rate of respiration (28 vs.
The exercise, usually walking and bicycling, was strenuous enough to increase rate of respiration and cause perspiration.