rate of growth

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the rate of increase in size per unit time


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That said, the rate of growth was only slight overall.
The actuaries attributed the much slower rate of growth to a decline in spending on hepatitis C drugs, fewer new drugs being brought to market, and slower overall growth in prices for both brand-name and generic drugs (Health Affairs.
That said, the rate of growth remained only slight overall and below the long-run series average.
However, the rate of growth in the last four months was still below the historical average of 6.2%.
Although the rate of growth was slower than in July, it remained above its long-run survey trend and the UK average.
Volume has increased since the 2009 recession and a five percent annual rate of growth is forecast through 2019.
According to Airline Business magazine's 2014 review of global civil aviation, this puts Aeroflot among the top five European airlines for RSK and rate of growth.
According to the Office for National Statistics, output grew by 0.6% in the final months of the year, having previously been measured at a 0.5% rate of growth. This is the highest rate of growth for the country since 2006.
But chief executive Ted Ayres said the rate of growth had slowed compared to the first half of 2014 when demand was buoyed by the Help to Buy scheme.
He said that while house price growth has increased across all 20 cities looked at over the last year, "there is little evidence of a runaway surge in prices and the rate of growth appears to be moderating.
Manufacturing was the strongest performer, recording the fastest rate of growth in output, new orders and job creation.
The rate of growth topped 5.4 per cent (fixed prices) and soared to 7.1pc (current prices) in the fourth quarter of 2013, compared with the same period in 2012.
Manama, Dec15(BNA)Bahrain's national economy has bounced back, growing by 4.6% rate of growth in the third quarter of 2013.
residential and commercial properties in coastal counties has grown to over $10 trillion, a new analysis says, but the rate of growth has slowed some since 2008 due to recession-related factors.
Bain & Co concur, saying that a growing middle class in India and China will mean the rate of growth in demand for diamonds will be double the rate of growth in supply, between now and 2020.