rate of exchange

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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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If we change the denar rate of exchange into fluctuating, are we going to have lower credit rates and more credits?
The author deals with two questions here; one, what adjustments in the rate of exchange are required to maintain external balance, given that internal balance is assured?
The teller told me it was the policy of the bank to have a different rate of exchange for Scottish notes.
According to Governor Bogov, through the stability of the denar rate of exchange, the monetary authorities are also keeping price stability and, in order to help the private sector, the National Bank introduced unconventional measures last year whose effects are yet to be felt.
The FCA adds that, "Due to the ongoing fixed rate of exchange, it has been estimated that the Chinese currency is undervalued by approximately 40 percent in relation to the U.
1 percent, and are linked (principal and interest) to the representative rate of exchange of the U.
8(cents) - according to the rate of exchange on May 14, 2002), per ADR.
There is no threat for the stability of the denar rate of exchange.
The boards today declared interim dividends in respect of 1991 on the ordinary capitals at the following rates which are equivalent in value at the rate of exchange applied in terms of the equalization agreement between the two companies: