rate of exchange

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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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Businessmen from the Economic Chamber appealed at a debate for a fluctuating rate of exchange for more money for investments and economic growth and development.
Speaking to reporters in Ankara, Caglayan said that the issue of the rate of exchange was the mother of all negative developments.
who will be paid in NISaccording to the representative rate of exchange published by the Bank of Israel onDecember 18, 2009.
Ozga aims to provide a concise outline of the theory behind the rate of exchange and the terms of trade, in textbook fashion at an elementary level.
Pegging Chinese currency to an artificially low rate of exchange with the U.
The stable denar rate of exchange is not going to change, and the National Bank of Macedonia is going to stay this course, which, in National Bank Governor Dimitar Bogov's words, yields results as evidenced by the increase in denar deposits and home currency trust.
The pegging of the Chinese currency, the yuan, to a fixed rate of exchange with the U.
But at the bank they told me the rate of exchange was less for Scottish notes.