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Synonyms for ratchet

mechanical device consisting of a toothed wheel or rack engaged with a pawl that permits it to move in only one direction

move by degrees in one direction only

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While it's encouraging to see that risk experts, in tune with the zeitgeist, have at least ratcheted down their bonus expectations, anyone's got a lot of nerve if they think they still deserve a bonus in this economy.
s capital structure "is not sustainable," Standard & Poor's Ratings Services said Thursday as it ratcheted down the community newspaper publisher's credit rating -- and warned it would give GateHouse a terminal D rating if it goes ahead with a so-called modified Dutch auction to pay less than face value for its debt.
In 2005, the alcohol limit was ratcheted down from 0.
The sales outlook has been ratcheted down to a range of $17.
Under mounting international pressure to produce a credible result, Mugabe's government and party ratcheted down the bloodletting that has plagued previous elections.
Instead, it has opted to focus on spin (talking about how Washington has ratcheted down spending growth to 1 percent--true only if you exclude 82 percent of the budget).
Expected to join Anthony in the draft in June are a bevy of other underclassmen whose teams' fortunes will have to be ratcheted down several steps: Oregon's Luke Ridnour, Marquette's Dwyane Wade and Central Michigan's Chris Kaman.
Revenue is down proportionate to the fall in independent production, but we've ratcheted down the overheads pretty tight," he tells Variety.
The survivors on the scene have ratcheted down their expectations and funding requirements accordingly.
Adverse reproductive effects might disappear if the Japanese team ratcheted down exposures to more realistic concentrations, adds Joe L.
It started by requiring all employers with 500 or more workers to provide health insurance, then ratcheted down the size of the companies until all firms with more than 16 workers were providing health coverage.